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Long Visa Application and Appointment Procedures

For Overseas Visa Application and Appointment Procedures, you can contact our Long Visa Tourism Company and handle your transactions quickly and easily.

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Visa Types

Commercial Visa

You can get professional support from Long Visa’s expert staff about the list of necessary documents and commercial invitation formats for your visa procedures required for all your business meetings, machine installation and commercial trainings abroad.

Touristic Visa

You can get full support from the expert staff of our Long Visa Company to complete your touristic travel procedures without delay, to make an application appointment and to complete your application on time.

Visiting Family and Friends Visa

You can immediately access all the procedures of the Family Visit Invitation, which is necessary to visit your family, close friends and relatives, and the list of necessary supporting documents from the professional team of our company.

Family Reunification Visa

Family Reunification Applications are an arduous and time-consuming process. You can complete your application without further prolongation of this process and without missing documents. You can contact with our company and you can conclude your transactions immediately.

Work Visa

In order to be able to work abroad, you must have a work invitation and it must come in a format that complies with the Embassy Procedures. You can get information about the invitation features and application document list details that vary according to each country by calling our Long Visa Tourism Company.

Sport Visa

You can get support from our company for all visa procedures required for inter-country science competitions, sports competitions, camp trainings and sportive competitions, and you can complete your transactions smoothly without delay.

Cultural Visa

You can get full support by contacting the expert staff of our Long Visa Tourism Company for the visa required for seminars, meetings and activities held on behalf of cultural unity, transferring information and scientific equipment.

Transit Visa

In your travels abroad, direct transitions are made from many countries until you reach your destination country. In such cases, in addition to your original visa, you must also have a transit visa in order to pass through other countries. You can reach the details of the Transit Visa and Countries Visa Policy you need on your trip in a short time through our company.

Health Visa

If you want your health problems to be resolved in hospitals abroad; In addition to the invitation from the hospital, you must also submit your health reports in your visa application. You can contact our Long Visa Tourism Company for an urgent appointment and necessary document list support for your health visa.

Internship Visa

If you want to do the internship of the education received in the country where you live in another country; Your acceptance and grant letter from the country you request must be sent to you. You can contact the expert team of Long Visa Tourism with the documents you have received and complete the rest of the process completely, smoothly and in a short time.

Erasmus Visa

The Student Exchange System, which is very common in our country; Erasmus Education Program is the most applied Visa Type. You can reach detailed information about the invitation letter, grant letter and accommodation procedures required for Erasmus from our Long Visa Tourism Company.

Fair Visa

Being an Exhibitor or Visitor in Fairs is an Important Strategy to Take Place in the World Trade Market. You can get full support from our company for the Fair Visa, which will be applied for in order to be able to be found and take part in the fairs organized abroad.

Seminar Visa

You can complete your application process smoothly by contacting the expert staff of our Long Visa Tourism Company for the visa required for seminars, symposiums, meetings and activities held to transfer knowledge, culture and scientific equipment, and you can reach up-to-date information about the invitation.

Education Visa

You can get information from the expert staff of our company Long Visa Tourism to get support at every stage of the visa type required to go to universities and language schools accepted by individuals who plan their future abroad and to reach the complete list of documents, and you can make your applications without any problems.

Consulate and Embassy Visa Procedures

Consulate and Embassy Visa Procedures must be preceded by an appointment. You can get support from Long Visa Tourism’s Expert Team for Document List, Appointment Procedures and Application Form Support for your applications.


Contact Long Visa Tourism and Make Your Visa Application Easily and Quickly Without Leaving Your Travel to Chance.

Our Services

Visa Appointment Procedures

In order to apply for the visa required for your travels abroad, you must make an appointment in advance. You can contact our company’s expert staff to get information about the appointment schedule and fast application procedures.

Visa Application Procedures

When should you start Visa Processing for your travels abroad? Which Documents are Required? How to Make a Complete and Fast Application? You can reach the answers to all these questions through our company and experience a fast and healthy application process.

Visa Application Documents

Visa Application Documents Change According to Your Travel Purpose and Status. By Contacting Long Visa Tourism’s Expert Staff, You Can Access the Required Document List and Current Application Forms Completely.

Passport Delivery

After your overseas visa application process is completed, you can pick up your passports from our office in a safe and secure manner or you can request them to be shipped securely to each of your residences upon your instruction.

Travel Health Insurance

Health Travel Insurance is a Mandatory Document Among the Overseas Visa Application Documents. Pricing varies according to your travel time and age, and you can reach the most suitable health travel insurance rates from the authorized department of our Long Vize Tourism Company.


We transform transportation into a pleasant dream by providing high comfort to our domestic and international guests with the most equipped vehicles and experienced transfer staff. You can contact Long Vize Tourism for details.

Hotel Reservation

You can contact the Expert Department of Long Vize Tourism to reach our most comfortable and central hotel options and to get detailed information about our references according to your accommodation preferences in your domestic and domestic travels.

Flight Reservation

You can contact Long Vize Tourism’s expert staff for your domestic and international flights, benefit from early booking discounts, and reach the most affordable prices and travel time schedules.

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