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All the necessary details for obtaining an Australia visa are on this page. Australia is examined between one of seven continents. Due to its unique structure and being a small continent covered with seas on all four sides, Australia attracts many tourists due to its natural beauty. Not only its natural beauty attracts tourists and immigrants. The fact that its economy is quite strong and that it always finds its place in the list of livable regions also makes Australia attractive. The most important thing about going to Australia is getting a visa. In order to get a visa from this continent, where one cannot enter the border without obtaining a visa, some paperwork and official work are required. You can also find detailed information about the Australian visa fee on our website.

What is Required to Get a Visa to Australia?

There are many reasons to want to go to Australia. There may be people who want to settle there, work there, study there, or just be there for fun. In any case, it is necessary to obtain a visa when travelling from Turkey to Australia. During the visa purchase process, the passenger is required to submit official documents to some official institutions and provide information about the process. The main reason for this is to eliminate the person’s unlawful attitude and to ensure the security of both countries.

Certain documents must be submitted to obtain an Australia visa. These documents are the documents that show the CV of the person and whether it will cause any problems. The point that should not be forgotten is that all these works are followed with great devotion by the consulate. People who want to obtain a visa must fill out all the documents accurately and completely.

Documents and Papers Required for Australia Visa

  • A photocopy of the identity card on both sides is required.
  • Barcoded SGK history and employment documents should also be available.
  • The worker must document the salary received in the last three months.
  • In case of finalization of the trip, backups of all reservation documents must be submitted.
  • A passport is also required for travel.
  • Two copies of the biometric photo must be taken on a white background.
  • A stamped petition must be written to the consulate by the employer.
  • Information such as tax plate, activity certificate, and trade history should also be added to the file.

After all these stages are completed, people can apply for an Australia visa.

Australia Embassy Visa

Australian Embassy assists people in need of visa assistance and takes care of many issues such as visa application, visa cancellation, visa extension and changing visa information. Embassies are responsible for assisting citizens of the Republic of Turkey in issuing visas. Most of the applications to the embassy, ​​which is the link between Australia and Turkey, are about visas.

Australia is an island country located in the Southern Hemisphere. Island countries are extremely high in terms of tourism. Island countries are extremely high in terms of tourism. It is a country that is constantly preferred by tourists. It is a very well-known country with its modern architectural structure, cultural structures, people and most importantly, world-famous sights. The economy is constantly growing. Australia remains the sole sovereign country on the continent. It ranks 6th as the world’s largest land area.

Australia Embassy Visa Procedures

Visa applications to Australia are made not only for tourism purposes but also for many different reasons such as education, language learning, agriculture, work, and family visits. The Australian Embassy conducts detailed research on the visa issue and issues the visa by examining the filled form for a long time.

Australia Embassy Visa Requirements

Visas are issued for a limited time. Australia is very sensitive about visa issues as it cares about country security. People who want to go and live in Australia often have great difficulties because of this. Although the visa is short-term, it can create big problems for people.

The IMMI form filled in for visa applications and visa processing can also be filled in at the embassy. All kinds of services related to Australian visas are provided at the Australian Embassy Building in Ankara. In this regard, help can be obtained not only from the embassy ​​but also from the Australian Consulate based in Istanbul, if necessary.

Australia Consulate Visa

People who want to get an Australian visa can apply to the Australian Consulate Visa section. Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the Southern Hemisphere. It is both a continental and an island country. With this feature, it is one of the frequent destinations of tourists. It is also known for its coral reefs. It is suitable for a holiday with its many beaches. It ranks high in the world in education and many other subjects.

The visa required to go abroad is also a requirement to go to Australia. Visa officials at the consulate will explain the path to be followed step by step and will help. The Australian Consulate is in Istanbul. While Turkey deals with visa procedures, this consulate simultaneously deals with visa procedures for Azerbaijani, Georgian and Iranian citizens. If you want to get a visa, you can apply through the consulate. You must report to the consulate why you want to go to Australia. Depending on how many days you are going, you can choose the type of visa. In this way, after giving the necessary information to the Australian Consulate, the consulate helps.

Australia Consulate Visa Obtaining Steps

Some documents such as passport, health certificate, reservation and flight tickets, professional documents, property records, bank statement, identity document sample, residence document, and photocopy of identity are required. In addition to these documents, some documents requested by the consulate are requested. Depending on the reason people go, the required documentation varies greatly. If you are going for education, various requirements are required, such as the approval of certain documents by the school. Visa application form can be filled in our company. Other than that, it can be filled online from anywhere.

Australia Family or Friend Visit Visa

Obtaining an Australian family or friend visit visa is extremely important so you can see your loved ones. Since Australia has developed in many ways, it has started to receive immigration for different reasons over time. It is one of the areas where many people migrate and want to migrate because of the opportunities it offers to work, study and live.

  • As with any visa, a health check is mandatory. The person pays for all the health checks in Australia with their own money, the government does not make any payments.
  • The people must have come to see family or friends. If found otherwise, they are sent back to their country.
  • Individuals must have sufficient funds to avoid any financial difficulties during their stay in Australia.There is a restriction as people who will experience financial difficulties may disturb other citizens.

Australia Business Visa

Australia business visa is one of the best visas for people who want to do business here. Australia is in a very good position economically. Austria is a country that constantly industrializes, develops and needs external personnel due to its population. That’s why it makes a great profile to work with. Almost everyone who wants to work, invest there and study the employment profile can take advantage of the Australian business visa.

  • The first requirement is to best meet the health requirements and certain character limitations set for the Australian visa.
  • Australia cares about people who have enough money to feed themselves while they are there. While there, one needs to document one’s assets to avoid any financial troubles and major problems.

Today, Australia is one of the places with the most industrialization and also the most job opportunities. Many people want to live and work here because of the high quality of life. Getting an Australian visa and working here is pretty simple. It will be possible to see both better business life and a more active social life.

Australia is one of the places with the highest minimum wage. Apart from this, the opportunity to find additional employment is very wide. Therefore, it is preferred by many people. People who want to make their Australian visa procedures can call the phone number with our contact information to reach the visa in the fastest and most reliable way, and they can act more consciously by asking the questions in their minds.

Australia Tourist Visa

Australia tourist visa is the most suitable visa for those who wish to travel and visit Australia. At the same time, many people get this visa to travel, as it is easier to issue than other visas. Australia offers different visa options for people going to all regions. People who go to work, people who go to study, people who go to visit family and friends, and people who go on a trip get different visas.

People who love to travel may want to see Australia, which is a natural wonder and highly developed. Not everyone can get a tourist visa. There are some important points.

  • People who want to obtain an Australia tourist visa must pass the necessary health tests and should not have any health problems. At the same time, it must be in the characters determined for the Australia tourist character. For example, people who are tried for a serious crime cannot come to this country during the judicial process. People who go to Australia will also undergo a health check there. They pay for their health check there from their own pockets. They cannot take advantage of the means of the state.
  • Individuals must document their assets and money in their bank accounts. They must have enough money to meet their basic needs while they are there. People without such assets are not accepted. In addition, they must declare their assets. The amount and goods in the bank accounts must be proven.
  • Sanctions are applied to people who are found to have entered for a purpose other than touristic activities. You have to be careful about this.

Australia Visa Application

Australian visa application is very significant for people who want to go there. Many documents are required to apply for an Australia visa. In order to get a visa, it is necessary to collect many documents depending on the reason for going and to write a petition stating the reason for going. It is extremely significant to follow all these stages meticulously in terms of obtaining a visa. People who want to get an Australia visa should contact an expert team and get support for visa procedures. You can contact us at the phone numbers available on our website so that we can assist you in this matter.

How to Apply for an Australia Visa Application?

People who want to apply for an Australian visa must fill in the necessary forms and documents to obtain a visa. Missing forms and documentation will result in disapproval of transactions. People who want to get an Australia visa should know that the necessary applications are made online. Even if the application is made online, fingerprints and many documents must be sent. Documents and fingerprints to be collected at this stage should also be sent with the application. The approval process for the application varies, but the actions of those who collect the necessary documents will be positive.

Australia Visa Application Types

Australia visa may vary depending on the reason for the person who wants to go. There are two types of visas that are most popular.

Australia Business Visa: Individuals travelling to Australia to work and trade must obtain this visa along with a work permit.

Australia Tourist Visa: This short-stay visa is used for visiting purposes. Those who have family there or want to see tourist places can get a tourist visa. The duration of this visa is slightly shorter.

Australia Visa Papers and Documents

There may be large numbers of people travelling to Australia for work, school, immigration or travel. A person who wants to go to Australia from Turkey has to comply with the conditions set by both countries. People who meet these conditions can go to Australia by obtaining a visa.

There are many Australian visa documents and paperwork you need to prepare to obtain an Australian visa. You need to obtain and prepare these documents. Unfortunately, the applications of many people who submit missing documents are not approved. Therefore, the documents must be error-free and complete.

  • The most basic one among the Australian visa documents is the population registration sample. The population registration sample must be barcoded.
  • Two biometric photos taken on a white-backed area are also required.
  • An acquaintance who was there may need to write an invitation letter.
  • People who will live there need to make sure they have permissions such as residence and work permits.
  • A copy of the passport is required.
  • Bank account documents and property declaration documents are required to live there.

These are the most general documents, the people who will work there have to ask the companies to write and collect different documents. Students should collect information such as confirmation-name. These are all essential documents that must be approved by the Australian consulate

Australia Visa Form

You must fill out the Australian visa form to go to Australia. You must fill out the form in English. If approved after review, a confirmation code will be sent to the person’s account. This way form is saved. Filling the form is completely free.

Fields to be Filled in Australia Visa Form

  • Name and surname,
  • Surname before the marriage,
  • Date of birth,
  • Place of birth,
  • country of birth,
  • country of citizenship,
  • Gender,
  • marital status,
  • For minors, the parent’s name, surname, address, nationality,
  • TC Identification number,
  • type of passport,
  • Passport number, issue date, validity date and issuing authority,
  • Residence address and e-mail address,
  • If he/she resides in a different place from his/her home country, where he/she is,
  • Job,
  • The name, number and address of the company, if employed,
  • Reason for travel
  • If there is more than one destination country or countries, the first destination country,
  • The requested number of entries and exits,
  • How long the trip will take
  • Visas obtained in the last 3 years

Australia Visa Processes

Each country has its own rules and entry permits. For Australia, a visa is required first. Getting a visa can sometimes be difficult if people don’t have a good reason to go.

  • Visa application form must be filled out.
  • People who have an acquaintance there should receive an invitation letter.
  • People who go to live must have a residence.
  • People who go to work should not forget to get a work permit. Working illegally is a crime.
  • All documents showing financial status must be submitted. Documents such as title deeds and bank documents must be available.
  • Identity registration copy and photocopy of identity card are mandatory.
  • People going to work must obtain the necessary letters from their employer in Australia.

All these documents are general requirement documents. Many more documents may be required. These documents will vary depending on why the person who wants to go is going. You can contact our Long Visa Application Center for a detailed list of documents.

Australia Visa Appointment

People who want to get a visa by making an Australian visa appointment may not know what to do. Our agency helps people who want to go to Australia for various reasons to realize their dreams by providing expert support. Visa is one of the biggest problems for people who want to go to another country. Since it takes a certain time to get an Australian visa, people who want to go to Australia for any reason must first get a visa. Thanks to the Australian visa appointment, the first step of obtaining a visa can be completed.

An Australia visa appointment is one of the ways for people who want to get a visa for any reason to get there. Agencies helping with visas do their best to identify the required documents and speed up the process. For this reason, people who want to get a visa can make the process more practical and faster by contacting these institutions before the consulate appointment.

Australia visa procedures are not as simple as they seem. Different documents and petitions must be submitted depending on the reason for going to Australia. If one of them is faulty or missing, it will both complicate and prolong the process. For this reason, people who do not want to experience such a problem can work with agencies.

Australia Visa Fee

People who want to obtain an Australia visa must pay a fee for their visa. Each country has an amount that must be paid for the visa. Fees for an Australia visa vary widely.

The government does not assist in case of any setback in Australia, people need to prepare their money and go abroad for these situations. Apart from that, the Australian visa fee is also quite variable. An amount will be determined according to the documents and the type of visa the person wants. It is also possible that other costs will arise during the process. Therefore, no one can give an exact figure.

People who want to apply for an Australian visa and want to get information about the visa fee can get detailed information from our Long Visa Application Center. It is not possible to give an average price because the prices change, so people should explain their situation and be charged accordingly.

Australia Visa Petition Sample

The Australian visa petition sample is a type of petition that anyone who wants to obtain an Australian visa can fill out. Visa application forms and petitions can be filled out. Some points should be considered while writing a petition. In this way, the petition can be approved faster.

Required Items to be Specified in an Australian Visa Petition Sample

Explanations on how travel expenses will be paid should be clear. The Australian government prefers that visitors’ needs such as accommodation, transportation and meals be affordable. If you do not have enough funds, your Australian application will not be accepted.

  • The requests and the ones written in the petition must be the same as those written in the application form.
  • The date range to be travelled must be specified.
  • The reason for going to Australia should be clearly stated. All details should be clearly explained along with short mentions such as Family visits, Education, Tourist Visa, For Business.

The petition should be written with a writing sample. The Australian Visa Petition sample can be both handwritten and printed. The important thing is that it is a petition-style text. As with all petitions, the date should be stated first on the left. You must write the date in the upper left corner.

It should indicate the relevant authority and be written in the Australian Visa section. The reason for the trip should be stated in the petition, especially after the arrival and return date is stated, that the person will not stay in Australia and all expenses will be covered by the person. The type of visa requested should also be stated at the end of the petition.

The petition is completed after it is written as multiple entries or a single entry. Name-Surname and signature should be added in the lower left corner. The signature should be the signature used everywhere. Problems can arise if the person does not have an original signature. You should leave an effective telephone number at the bottom of the petition so that the competent authority can reach you at any time. In addition, the address should be specified under the phone number. The address should be clear and unambiguous. According to the justification of this petition, the necessary nato-approved documents must also be submitted. This way, if your petition is approved, you can stay in Australia for a short time.

How Many Days Does Australia Visa Result?

People whose Australian visa procedures have been completed may ask the question of how many days an Australian visa will be issued. All these visa procedures are handled by the Consulate. It is approved within one month at the latest, depending on the intensity of the consulate during the period. Apart from that, the approval process will often be completed within 7-15 days.

  • During periods when the Australian Consulate is busy, this can take up to a month, but not longer.
  • All Australian visa application procedures are done online. Apart from that, short-stay visas are usually issued for one year but offer the right to stay there for three months. For this reason, people should make their vacation and visit plans accordingly.

VFS Australia Visa

VFS Australia visa is related to the fingerprint approval model that almost all countries passed in 2014 to increase reliability. Especially European countries and Australia started to approve visa applications by getting fingerprint approval in 2014. For this reason, support from Vfs Global started to be received to make things easier in the Consulate approval process, which is completely online. In this way, it has become possible to continue visa procedures safely without backlog and confusion.

Considerations for VFS Australia Visa

Individuals seeking a VFS Australia visa must collect documents suitable for their travel purpose. They must write a petition explaining their purpose of travel and adhere to that petition within Australia. People who make a VFS appointment are required to collect the necessary documents completely and without errors. Incomplete and incorrect documents will prolong the process.

You can get expert support by calling Uzun Visa Tourism for an Australian visa application. Our expert staff is at your service 24/7 for people who want to get a VFS Australia visa but don’t know exactly what to do. In addition to this whole process, it also helps with faster Australian visa processing quickly and effectiveness. In this way, the visa will be obtained faster.

People who want to obtain an Australian visa should not forget the appointment principle. In addition, since all transactions are done online, everyone has to do their transactions over the internet. An appointment is required for the necessary documents and fingerprints.

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