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Germany visa, Schengen members, and German citizens of the Republic of Turkey with ordinary passports are required to apply for a German visa to travel. Long visa informs you about Germany visa procedures, and Long visa performs your Germany visa appointment purchases. Long Visa provides preparing your application documents by sending you a list of Germany visa documents suitable for your profession and situation. Long Visa provides you service about hotel and flight reservation procedures required for visa application. It helps you with your travel planning and correct management of your Schengen visa process.

How to Get a Germany Visa?

First of all, we would like to share some information about Germany. Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a country in Central Europe. There are 83 million people on the territory of Germany, and therefore Germany has the largest population in the European Union. According to the United Nations, Germany is the world’s second-largest receiving country, after the United States, with 14.88% immigrants. Turks live more than 1 million 483 thousand 515 in Germany. Germany has two crowded cities. These are Köln and Berlin.

There are a lot of visa requests for Germany in our country. We must be careful about two rules while obtaining a German visa. These are our travel time and reasons for going. Visa periods of 90 days and more than 90 days affect the application form, and procedure, so it is very important that you apply in accordance with your travel purpose. For a Germany visa not exceeding 90 days, Turkish citizens must comply with rules and documents. They must follow the application process. Turkish citizens must determine their type of travel. They must fill out necessary papers and documents for their Germany visa applications.

Filling the relevant forms of the application, prepared with expert staff, with complete and accurate information means that the documents requested by the German Consulate are fully prepared and delivered. During the application process, you can get all the information from the Long Visa Tourism Application Center, which is an expert in the application.

In this process, we kindly ask you to stay away from fraudulent companies that use fake software and present themselves as embassies.

You must determine for what purpose you are going, your own financial and business opportunities and the form of necessary paperwork while you get a Germany Visa. If your purpose for going is to visit family and friends, you must request an original invitation from the municipality of the German Embassy. At the time of application, you must show this original invitation. Today, in cases of emergency exit or time constraints, the original municipality-approved invitation is not obligatory, and an application can be made with an invitation in the form of a petition and additional documents proving the situation. You can get all information about petition invitation procedures and principles from the Long Visa Application Center.

Apart from the classical documents, if there are any extra documents proving your reason for going to Germany, you can also attach them while you get your Germany Visa. Let’s not forget. It will be a plus for us that we use a large number of documents. If we prove ourselves and our purpose for going, we will ensure that the visa result is positive. While applying for Germany Visa, on the appointment day, the documents are delivered, and your fingerprint is taken. This fingerprint is valid for five years.

Our expert staff helps you with the fingerprint validity year calendar. You do not need to present in person for the next Germany Visa application as the fingerprint provided is valid for five years. Long Visa Tourism Application Center supports you in this regard, and it can apply for your behalf for visa application. If your visa application is negative, and you want to apply for a visa again, you must be present in person when applying for a new visa. Your fingerprint is registered to the system again, and your documents are checked again.

In order not to experience such a negative situation, Long Visa Tourism Application Center helps you. You can get your visa in a more reliable and long-term way.  You can get all kinds of support 24/7 from the friendly, solution-oriented, professional expert staff of the Long Visa Tourism Application Center.

Germany Consulate Visa

of the German Consulate

  • Istanbul Germany Consulate
  • Izmir German Consulate
  • There are three foreign representations that provide consular services, including the German Consulate in Antalya. German citizens residing in Turkey can apply to the German Consulate visa department for German passport procedures.

German citizens living in the Republic of Turkey can renew their passports, which are about to expire, at the German Consulate in Istanbul. In passport renewal procedures, they must deliver their original and copy of the documents to the visa section of the German Consulate. The application process is concluded by the Long Visa Tourism Application Center within six weeks. You can get detailed information about the required document list and procedure from our 24/7 center. The Consulate has the authority to request additional documents if it deems necessary.

German citizens who want to get married in Turkey can apply to the German Consulate visa department by submitting the documents requested by the consulate. Persons who will apply to the German Consulate with the request of issuing a citizenship document must submit their documents in full at the Uzun visa tourism consultancy and application center. The person must be present at the application center in person.

German citizens living in Turkey can also get support from the German Consulate, German Embassy and German Honorary Consulate representations for transactions such as notary public and certification from the German Consulate.

German Consulate Visa Persons with a burgundy passport who will travel to Germany in Turkey must obtain a German visa. The official, authorized institution for Germany visa application is the German Consulate. The German Consulate carries out visa procedures in accordance with the purpose of travel.

Germany is among the member states of the Schengen Area. German visa holders can also travel to other Schengen member countries apart from their planned trip. The Schengen Agreement entered into force in 1995. Countries complying with this convention have the right to free movement within the European Union. These countries do not require visas for each other. For this reason, Turkish citizens with a Germany Schengen visa can travel between these countries.

Schengen countries Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Czechia, Belgium, Estonia, Malta, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Portugal, Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, Greece, Iceland, Liechtenstein are among the places to visit.

Germany Consulate Visa Application

German Consulate visa applications cover travels for up to 90 days. Turkish citizens with green passports are exempt from German visa applications. Germany Consulate accepts visa applications through authorized visa application centres. Persons to travel can do application and appointment processes by getting advice from visa centres for a German visa.

The Germany Consulate serve in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya for visa application. In order to apply for a German visa, first of all, the application documents must be prepared. Secondly, a German visa appointment is required. Your documents are sent to the Germany Consulate. Here, after your documents are evaluated, the result of your Germany visa application is sent to you.

If your trip exceeds 90 days, you must get a D-type visa, which is national coverage. A C-type visa application is made for your short trips to Germany. There is a 90-day limitation for visa applications made to the German Consulate. You should follow the Germany visa application documents and documents, appointment information, and this you can make your applications according to your travel purpose.

German Consulate visa applications result in 10 to 20 days. While your documents are being evaluated during the application, the applicant may be called for an interview. At the same time, the consulate may request additional documents. In similar cases, your visa result may extend. The Germany Consulate has the right to deliver the passport within 30 days by law. Knowing this right, you can make your travel plans and apply for a German visa. You can apply authorized application centre Long Visa Tourism visa service for your Germany visa.

German Embassy Visa

Germany Embassy is in the capital of Turkey, Ankara, and Elvin Erdmann has been the Ambassador since 2015. If a person wants to stay more than 90 days, he or she must apply for a visa at the German Embassy.

  • Marriage
  • Family Union
  • Working Visa
  • They help with Education Visa issues.

Regional distinction should be taken into account when applying for a visa at the German Embassy. Ankara province and its districts, especially Adana, Ağrı, Aksaray, Adıyaman, Ardahan, Amasya, Artvin, Bartın, Batman, Bayburt, Bingöl, Bitlis, Çankırı, Çorum, Elazığ, Diyarbakır, Erzincan, Erzurum, Hatay, Mersin, Iğdır, Karabük , Kahramanmaraş, Karaman, Kastamonu, Kayseri, Kilis, Kırıkkale, Kırşehir, Gaziantep, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Hakkari, Konya, Malatya, Mardin, Muş, Nevşehir, Niğde, Ordu, Rize, Samsun, Şanlıurfa, Siirt, Sinop, Şırnak, Sivas Applications from the cities of , Tokat, Trabzon, Tunceli, Van, Yozgat and Zonguldak are processed in the Visa section of the Ankara Embassy.

If you want to continue your life with your family living in Germany, you must apply for a family reunification visa at the German Embassy. You must have the appropriate criteria for application, make an appointment and submit your documents completely and correctly on the application day. You must know an intermediate language, and you need to get an A1 certificate by taking the Goethe institute exams. Persons without an A1 certificate cannot apply. In order to apply for a visa at the German Embassy, ​​you can get full support from the Long Visa Tourism Consultancy and Application Center.

It takes three to six months for the applications made to the German Embassy to be finalized. It is obvious that this process is long and a process that requires patience awaits you. You need to prepare the list given by the Ankara Embassy and available at our application centre. You should also attach the petition describing the situation and expressing yourself clearly and precisely to your documents. In addition to document support during the application process, you can get secure translation services from the Long Visa Tourism Application Centre for petition and translation.

The German Embassy is the official institution responsible for visa procedures. Turkish citizens with a burgundy passport who will travel to Germany apply for a German visa at the German Embassy and Consulate.

The German Embassy is among the oldest embassies in Ankara. It is located in the region where the Italian and US embassies are located. The Embassy served in Beyoğlu, Istanbul until 1923, when the capital was moved from Istanbul to Ankara. The embassy was later moved to Ankara by Atatürk. It started to serve the citizens here. Turkish citizens who will travel to Germany today apply to the visa department of the German Embassy.

When applying for a Germany Schengen visa, there is a regional distinction according to the person’s place of residence and work. These regions are divided among themselves as Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. German Embassy Ankara mission areas: Zonguldak, Yozgat, Van, Tunceli, Trabzon, Tokat, Sivas, Şırnak, Sinop, Karaman, Kars, Kastamonu, Kayseri, Kilis, Kırıkkale, Kırşehir, Konya, Malatya, Mardin, Mersin, Muş, Nevşehir, Nigde, Ordu, Osmaniye, Rize, Samsun, Sanliurfa, Siirt, Gaziantep, Giresun, Gumushane, Hakkari, Hatay, Igdir, Kahramanmaras, Karabuk, Bayburt, Bingol, Bitlis, Cankiri, Erzurum, Erzincan, Elazig, Diyarbakir, Corum.

If you live or work in these cities, you apply to the German Embassy Ankara visa department. You can obtain the necessary German visa for your travel by making your visa region from the city your visa consultant has specified for you.

Germany Embassy Visa Application

The Germany Embassy accepts German visa applications for up to 90 days. Germany visa applications and appointments can be made to the application centres authorized by the embassy. German Embassy visa department concludes visa application in 30 days. The result of a German visa application depends on the period in which people will travel and the density of embassies.

German Embassy visa applications are made to authorized visa application centres. Firstly, a person to travel complete documents, and then a person can get a visa appointment. Germany visa appointment day, the person to travel gives fingerprints, and then the documents are forwarded to the German Embassy visa department. After your Germany visa application is clear, your passport is sent to the address you provided during the application. You can make your German Embassy visa applications through the Long Visa consultancy service, which is one of the authorized application centres in Turkey.

Who Can Get Germany Schengen Visa?

The European Union (EU) created a free movement zone between 26 European countries with the Schengen Agreement, which was signed in 1995 and entered into force. Germany is among the member states of the Schengen area that signed this agreement. For this reason, non-Schengen countries and citizens of the Republic of Turkey who have ordinary (Claret Red) passports must have a German Schengen visa. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey who hold a Special (Green) Passport, Service (Gray) Passport and Diplomatic (Black and Red) Passport are exempted from Germany visa application for travels to Germany not exceeding 90 days within 180 days.

Types of Germany Schengen Visa

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey who want to travel to Germany for a long time (family reunification, residence permit, work permit, etc.) have to apply for a German national visa. Long-term German visa applications are made directly to the German Consulate or German Embassy channels. Visa applications for up to 90 days are made to visa centers or travel agencies authorized by the German Consulate.

There are different visa types for people considering travelling to Germany. Germany visa is classified differently according to the purpose and duration of travel. The types of visas offered by the German Consulate to travellers are as follows:

  • Germany Tourist Visa
  • Germany Business Visa
  • Germany Family Visit Visa Type C visa category
  • Germany Family Reunification Visa
  • Germany Work Visa
  • Germany Erasmus Visa D-type visa category,
  • Germany Transit Visa is in the A-type visa category.

Germany Visiting Family Friend Visa

Germany Family Friend Visit Visa is a type of visa used in all European countries, and more than 1 million of our citizens use this visa type every year to visit their family and friends abroad. The most important difference that distinguishes Germany Family Friend Visa from other visa types is that it is an invitation approved by the Municipality. Relatives or friends in Germany request an original invitation from the municipality because they should send the original of this invitation to their relatives in Turkey who will apply. The applicant must present this invitation to the German visa office.

The invitation presented in the application for the Germany Visiting Family Friend Visa is never a visa. It’s just a document showing where you’ll be staying. A person holding the same surname name or a friend you know can send this invitation. The German government approves the conditions of the invitation by looking at the square meter of the house and the financial situation of the inviter.

Apart from presenting an invitation to Germany Family Friend Visit Visa, the person who will travel must also submit business and financial status documents proving his/her status in Turkey. If possible, kinship ties should be proven for people holding the surname. Person’s visa request should not exceed 90 days. The legal procedure cannot exceed 90 days for applications for a Germany Visiting Family Friend Visa.

If the person goes to see her/he spouse or child and declares that she will not return from Germany, it will be healthier for the person to apply for a Family Reunification Visa instead of a Family Friend Visit Visa. You can reach the easiest and clearest information from our Long Visa Tourism Application Center, which has an expert staff, to learn the difference, suitable conditions and procedures between a family reunification visa and Germany Family Friend Visa.

Germany Family Friend Visit Visa is 15 working days from the date of appointment and submission of documents. Public holidays and weekends should not be included in this processing time. The Embassy can extend this period or conclude it more quickly at its own initiative. During this process, do not send payments to people who say they are an authorized agency, an appointment centre or an embassy officer, and never trust them. Germany Family Friend Visa application fees are paid in cash at the time of application.

German family friend visit visa is one of the most applied visas in Turkey. It is a type of short-term Germany visa that you can apply to visit family and friends living in Germany. Turkish citizens with a burgundy passport who will travel to Germany must apply for this visa when visiting family and friends. Turkish citizens holding a special passport (green), service passport (grey) and diplomatic passport (black/red) who will travel to this country are not required to apply for a German visa.

With the German family friend visit visa, you can visit your family members, friends or close relatives living in Germany. In order to benefit from this short-term Schengen visa, you need to prepare your visa documents. The most important of these visa documents is the Germany invitation letter from your family or friend.

Germany Family Friend Visit Visa Application

First of all, you need to prepare your documents for the short-term German visa you will apply to visit your relatives in Germany. The original invitation letter approved by the relevant municipality in Germany from your family or friend living in Germany you will visit is required. In this invitation letter, the address of the applicant, the purpose of the visit, and the dates of the visit should be stated. The original invitation letter must be submitted to the German Consulate at the time of application.

In addition to the invitation letter, other visa documents are also required for the German family friend visit visa application. These documents should be prepared in accordance with the profession and social status of the applicant. The applicant must provide the stamped, wet-signed petition and working documents addressed to the consulate from the institution where he works. In addition, the petition you will prepare must state that you are an employee of the workplace, your duties and leave dates.

The result of your Germany family and friend visa application will be announced by the consulate within an average of 7 to 15 days. This period may be extended depending on the additional documents and interview requests submitted by the German Consulate to the IDATA Germany visa centre. Considering that these situations may occur, it is useful to apply for a German visa at least one month in advance.

Family-friendly visitor visa application is more difficult than other visa types. Your visa documents to be prepared should be prepared by a knowledgeable and expert visa employee. You can get support from Long Visa employees for your Germany visa application and appointment procedures determined by the German Consulate.

Germany Business Visa

Germany Business Visa procedure includes commercial relations.

  • Seminar
  • Company Interview
  • Goods Purchase Agreement
  • Installation and Training of Goods or Products Sold

The developing world grows fast in the trade and service industry. If you want to apply for a Germany Business Visa, you must have documents proving this and supporting it with your own line of business. At the beginning of the application conditions, it is mandatory and indispensable to have a commercial invitation. The inviting company should write and send a stamped, and signed petition on its company letterhead by e-mail, explaining the person requested and the reason. It is obligatory to have a commercial relationship with the invited person and to work in the same line of business.

A person who will apply for a Germany Business visa for the first time must come in an application, and a person must give a fingerprint. Applicant must prove their affiliation with the company that sent the invitation. If the reason for obtaining a Germany Commercial Visa is to visit the fair, then getting an invitation or fair entry ticket from the companies at the fair is the most basic document to be submitted for a healthy application. If a person will take part in the fair as a participant; It is absolutely necessary to attach the standing contract and the stand sketch. In Germany Commercial Visa applications, you can obtain all kinds of document information that proves and supports your departure, except for the classical document list, from the Long Visa Tourism Application Center. Where you stay is very important when applying for a Germany Business Visa. It should be close to the inviting company or the exhibition centre. When the embassy confirms your hotel reservation, your reservation must be kept up to date. As in every country application, foreign health insurance is mandatory in the documents to be submitted. A comprehensive original of 30,000 Euros covering the date of your return trip is a document that must be declared.

German commercial visa is a type of C visa that must be obtained by those who will travel to this country for business trips, fairs, events, exhibitions, organizations. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey with a burgundy passport who will travel for commercial reasons are required to apply for this Schengen visa type.

Before making a business trip to Germany, a German business visa application must be made. The documents required for the Germany visa determined by the German Consulate must be prepared in accordance with your travel purpose. Some of the documents determined among the visa documents you will prepare must be original. After the visa application documents are prepared, they must be submitted to the German Consulate.

After preparing the German business visa application documents, a visa appointment should be made in accordance with the date you will travel to Germany. It is healthier to start your appointments two months before your travel date. The maximum period for which you can apply for a Schengen visa is 90 days. You can plan your travels with this in mind.

Germany Commercial and Seminar Visa

The invitation letter is required for you to apply for a German business visa and fair visa. You can apply for a visa when the business invitation, seminar invitation letter, or business invitation participation certificate to be made in Germany is delivered to you.

The invitation letter sent to you must be authentic and approved by official institutions. At the same time, even if this invitation letter is transmitted in the computer environment, it must be stamped and signed. Persons who will apply for a German business visa should pay attention to the absence of photographic images in this document.

After receiving the invitation letter sent to you from Germany, you can prepare your Germany visa documents. Schengen visa documents vary according to your situation and social status. Your visa consultant assigned to you by Long Visa will send you the list of documents you need to prepare. After providing your documents, you will deliver your visa application documents to your visa consultant. After your visa documents are checked, your Germany visa appointment will be made in accordance with your travel date. After the Germany commercial visa appointment is made, your documents will be delivered to the IDATA visa centre. Afterwards, your application will be classified according to the date of your business trip to Germany. Depending on the date of the commercial event, meeting, fair, or exhibition you will attend and the density of the German Consulate, your visa application will be clarified within 3 to 15 days. Just in case, it is worth noting that by law the consulate can deliver your passports within 30 days.

Germany Tourist Visa

Germany Tourist Visa is one of the most preferred visa types by the people of our country. Germany, which hosts thousands of tourists every year, is choosing its guests meticulously and in more detail day by day. Many criteria are taken into account for the Germany Tourist Visa application. The most important criterion they look at is the reasons that will enable the person to return to Turkey, that is, to his/her country.

What could be the circumstances that prove a person’s return to her/his country? The person’s regular job, family structure, compulsory school, dependent person or persons. Situations like this are powerful data in proving that the person will return to his country. The documents that can be obtained in this way vary according to the person and the situation.

It is very important for the reliability of the documents that the documents proving the location and financial situation of the person when applying for a Germany Tourist Visa are presented as original or barcoded as possible. Your workplace documents must be original, wet signed when you declare your documents. Housewives and students should choose their first-degree relatives as sponsors. Spouse, employee or employers child, mother or father can sponsor housewives. Students can be sponsored by their mother, father or employee-employer siblings. You can get detailed information about sponsor criteria and document lists from the Long Visa Tourism Application Center. When applying for a Germany Tourist Visa, it is obligatory to submit a suitable bank statement with a sufficient balance. The balance in the bank should be sufficient to cover your flight, hotel and pocket money. When presenting your itinerary to the German Consulate, you must have valid flight and hotel reservations. Tourists’ places change from time to time, and you can get detailed information from our experts about places and dates to travel. When applying, the person’s status, financial income, documents submitted and documents proving their stay in Germany must match. A German tourist visa is a visa that will allow you to discover Germany, one of the most touristic countries in Europe. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey with a Bordeaux passport are required to apply for a German tourist visa. Holders of special passports (green), service passports (grey) and diplomatic passports (black/red) who will travel to Germany exempt Turkish citizens from the German visa application process. Before making a touristic travel plan to Germany, an application for a German tourist visa should be made. Travel lover, Germany visa documents specified by the German Consulate of the tourists should be prepared according to your touristic trip. Your visa application must be approved for your travel. For this reason, the visa documents you will prepare should be carefully prepared according to your social status, profession and travel date. You can get support from Long Visa consultants for German visa applications.

Germany Tourist Visa Application

Germany tourist visa is the most applied among Schengen visa types. When applying for a tourist visa, you can apply to visa centres, travel agencies and visa officers commissioned by the German Consulate. Long Visa, which specializes in Germany Schengen visa is a professional and authorized visa office. Apply for a German visa suitable for your trip. Visa documents to be prepared for tourist visa applications vary from person to person. Depending on the status, and profession of the traveller, the documents to be prepared are different. Documents of SGK employees, civil servants, lawyers, students, and retirees are determined and forwarded to the party. Apart from personal visa documents, hotel and flight reservations should also be attached to your documents. It is very important to prepare a list of documents according to the social status and profession of the person and present it to the consulate. Otherwise, the visa application may result in negative results.

After preparing your documents according to the list of documents given to you for your Germany touristic trip, you can apply for a German tourist visa. Your visa appointment process is made in accordance with the date you will travel to Germany. After the Germany visa appointment, your visa consultant will tell you whether you will be present at the visa application centre on the appointment day. If you have previously obtained a Schengen visa and have a VIS passport, you do not need to go to the visa centre. It is a good idea to make your visa appointments two months in advance. Your German visa result will be communicated to you within 10 to 20 days after visa application. Your visa result depends on the density of the consulate on the application date. It should not be forgotten that, by law, the German Consulate has the right to deliver your passport within 30 days. It will be useful to make your travel plans and visa applications according to this information.

Germany Visa Application

Turkish citizens who want to apply for a German visa must comply with the specified criteria and conditions. When people who comply with these rules apply for a visa to Germany, it does not mean that they will receive a final visa. If the person with the strongest terms and conditions gives more documents, this person will have a higher chance of being approved than other people. Germany is a country that is flooded with tourists and where many Turkish citizens are employed, therefore, there is a strong bond and immigration density between Turkey and Germany.

If you prove yourself with more documents, your visa result will be more positive and long-term. Your documents must be up-to-date, with a wet signature or barcode. This is very important. Your financial status documents, namely; Your bank statement, payroll, rental income, and monthly financial income will be one of the strongest supporting documents for your travel.

Your power of employment is very important in Turkey. The fact that the schools of the students are formal (face-to-face) is also an advantage. Apart from their own financial means, housewives must have sponsors. For example, their family members. You should get an invitation from your acquaintances in Germany.

Where to Get a Germany Visa?

Applications made directly to the German Consulate and German Embassy are not accepted for a German visa. You can apply for a German visa by following the application steps for the visa type you will choose within the information of the Long Visa application center.

Do I Need to Go to Germany Visa Application?

After receiving the necessary documents and documents for the visa application from the Long visa employees, your visa appointment process is made. The Long visa application centre will inform you whether you will be at the visa center on the given date for the visa appointment. If you apply for a visa for the first time, you must be there on the day of the visa appointment, at the time because you need to give your fingerprint. If you have previously obtained a German visa, and you have fingerprints, you don’t need to give your fingerprint. If your fingerprint has expired and you have a VIS passport, you do not need to go to visa offices. Long Visa application center will assist you in all visa procedures.

Germany Visa Documents And Documents

Documents Required for Germany Visa vary according to Germany, the type of travel and the length of stay. Schengen visa, which covers people who want to travel for official, touristic, commercial, income-generating activity, education, treatment, visit, voluntary activity, research, participation in conferences, sports or cultural activities, is included in the “C type visa”. People’ who will travel status are very important in their country. 

  • Employer
  • Retired
  • Worker
  • Student
  • Housewife
  • Underage Child
  • Farmer

If your reason for going is touristic, your hotel and flight reservations must be confirmed and are among the Required Documents for a Germany Visa.

When visiting family, relatives or friends, you must present your original invitation from Germany approved by the municipality.

In your business travels, you should submit your business documents showing that you are operating in the same business line as well as documents proving your commercial affiliation.

If you want to take your child under the age of 18 with you on your trip and one of the parents is not going to come, the parent who cannot come is obliged to give a wet signed consent from the notary public. Even if the parents are separated and the custody of the child is the parent who will travel, the parent who does not go has to get a consent name.

Documents required for a German visa should be as wet signed or barcoded as possible. The most basic rule is that the documents are up to date. Outdated documents may pose a disadvantage in the visa review and finalization phase. Documents must be current, complete, credible and verifiable. Even if it is accepted at the time of application within the scope of the necessary documents for a fake, tampered, expired Germany visa, you are the addressee of the legal process that can be done after the situation is understood. The penalties are huge and your entry permit may be blocked indefinitely.

Germany Visa Documents and Documents Common Document List

  • Passport (must be valid for at least 3 months from the expiry date of the requested visa. The passport should not be older than 10 years, passports with an extension are not accepted, and the passport must have at least two blank pages.)
  • Photocopy of your passport and photocopy of your old (Schengen) Visas (photocopy of the photo page of your passport, visas of your previous travels and photocopies of country entry-exit stamps)
  • Visa Application Form and Commitment (Germany visa application form must be filled in completely. The application form must be signed by the person travelling. The places indicated on the 3rd and 4th pages of the Germany Visa Documents and Documents form must be signed and the application date must be written. If the application is not made by the traveler A wet signed undertaking by the applicant and a copy of the person’s identity card must be attached.)
  • Personal Petition Written to the German Consulate General / Embassy
  • (A personal petition stating the travel dates and purpose of the person travelling to Germany must be written to the German Consulate and Embassy. The petition must be signed by the applicant.)
  • Photocopy of Identity Card (with Turkish Identity Number Written)
  • ​Biometric Photo
  • Proof of Identity Registration
  • Flight and Hotel Reservations
  • Documents Regarding Travel Expenses ​
  • Travel Health Insurance Policy (The travel health insurance policy must be issued on behalf of the traveller. It has a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros and must cover all Schengen countries. The original of the travel health policy must be submitted with wet signature and stamp.
  • Other German visa documents and documents to be prepared according to the purpose of travel, social status and profession of the traveller vary. You can learn the list of other visa documents for Germany visa application from Long Visa consultants.

Germany Visa Form

Germany Visa Form It is mandatory to fill in all your personal content information completely, accurately and according to the specified standards. The documents submitted and the information on the filled form must match. All information about your purpose for going and the duration of your stay are among the questions asked in the form. The Germany Visa Form is your entire document that will be kept in the archive for 5 years, reflecting all your personal information.

Every mistake made, or false statement is your concern and the embassy accepts no responsibility in this regard. For this reason, the Germany Visa Form must be filled very carefully and must be correct and legible. We recommend that you seek help from an expert in this regard. Please do not hesitate to get support from our Long Visa Tourism Application Center for all kinds of Germany Visa Forms, we will be happy to assist you.

Short-term Germany visa forms should be filled online, that is, in a computer environment, in capital letters and in Turkish. Handwritten forms are not accepted. While filling out the Germany visa form; passport number, ID number, Name – surname, address and contact information should never be wrong. The prepared form should be submitted in a single copy. The completed form must be signed by the guest who will go afterwards.

Long-term Germany Visa Forms must be filled in German and prepared in duplicate. Completed forms must be signed. It should not be forgotten that the most important factor is that the documents presented and the information written on the form match each other. Any mistakes made are the responsibility of the applicant.

Germany Visa Procedures When applying for a visa for your trip to Germany, you must submit the German visa form to the German Consulate and Embassy. The Germany visa form to be prepared and filled out during the application should not be handwritten. The visa application form should be filled in on the computer and then printed out and signed by the applicant.

Things to Consider While Filling the Germany Visa Form

Germany visa application should be made with documents that will support the purpose of travel of the person and the information about the country where he/she will be on the specified dates. The information to be declared while filling out the Germany visa application form must be suitable for the person’s travel purpose. After the documents required from the travellers are properly prepared, the Germany visa fee must be paid during the visa application.

Information to be considered by the person when filling out the Germany visa form:

  • In the Schengen visa application form to be used in the Germany visa application, the identity information of the person should be specified in articles 1-10. The person applying for a German visa must fill in the identification information in the first part of the visa form, accurately and completely, in a way that confirms the documents submitted.
  • Article 10 of the Germany Schengen visa form concerns applicants who are not yet of age and under the age of 18. Applicants over the age of 18 do not need to fill out this clause.
  • Article 11 of the Germany visa form is about filling in the person’s identification number. This item must be filled in correctly.
  • Items 12-16 of the visa application form are the field where the person who will travel to Germany fills in the passport information. Passport type, issue date, institution, and validity period must be filled in correctly.
  • In article 17 of the Germany visa application form, the contact information of the person travelling should be filled.
  • Citizenship information in Article 18 of the Schengen visa application form must be specified. T.R. Citizens should tick “NO” and people with a residence permit in Turkey should tick “YES”.
  • In the 20th article of the application form, information about the profession of the applicant must be specified.
  • As in items 21-30 of the Germany visa application form, you must fill in information such as the purpose of the trip, the Schengen country you will visit, and the duration of the trip.

Germany Visa Procedures

German visa procedures take a little longer due to the country’s high demand. The departure time in the presence of the embassy is 15 working days. You should not include weekends and public holidays in this period. The embassy has the petition signed for travel applications that are less than 15 working days from the departure date. Today, family friend visits and the tourist visa issuance period takes 25 working days. German Business Visa Application Process takes 10 working days, Family reunification and work visas take between 3 and 6 months. These deadlines may result in quicker or later results depending on the agenda conditions.

The Embassy has the right to request additional documents from you for your Germany Visa Applications. Requests for additional documents may take a little longer to process. Long Visa Tourism Application Center will be proud to assist you with its expert staff to ensure that your documents are complete and your application is trouble-free. With years of experience, your application will be completed in a short time and without any problems. Germany Visa procedures are reviewed and finalized by embassy employees. The embassy employees are assimilated, both Turkish and foreign. The decision is delivered to you instantly by us. In case of a negative, you have the right to object in accordance with the rules and procedures declared by the embassy. Refusal appeals in Germany Visa Procedures are made in person. The evaluation period of the objection is indefinite and the decision of the embassy is conveyed to you. The Long Visa Tourism Application Center, which has full experience in obtaining long-term visas for our guests who constantly make Germany Visa Processes, can obtain visas for up to 5 years. What to do in this process, what kind of documents provide you extra support, the whole list is shared.

Application Center for Germany Visa Procedures

What do you gain by completing your Germany visa procedures with the Long Visa?

  • Long Visa determines the most suitable visa type for your travels.
  • For the visa type suitable for your trip, a list of visa documents suitable for your profession and social status is prepared and sent to you.
  • Petitions suitable for your situation and situation are carefully written to us by our employees.
  • To strengthen your visa application, special – supporting documents, documents are added to your application file.
  • For the visa documents you need to prepare for the application, you are provided with services such as computer, printing, and photocopying.
  • The documents showing the income you have and the documents you will receive from the workplace are examined and their up-to-dateness is checked. If you have missing documents or incorrect documents, you will be informed of the rapid renewal process.
  • Flight and hotel reservations required to document your travel are arranged according to your travel date for visa application.
  • Whether there is a situation that requires you to come personally during the visa application, our Long visa operation officer will inform you at the time of application.
  • If you have not given fingerprints in visa centres before for visa procedures, or if your VIS date has passed, if it is old, our Long visa operation officer will provide you with information and help you during your application. In this way, you can perform your transactions easily and without any problems.

Germany Visa Appointment

Germany visa appointment is the first rule you must follow, no matter how you travel to Germany. It is obtained from the visa application center authorized by the German Consulate and Embassy. Long visa Tourism Application Center provides fast and reliable service in this regard.

While making a Germany visa appointment, the residence address of the applicant determines the application region. You can obtain information on the division of regions from the relevant links of our Long Visa Tourism Application Center. When applying for a Germany visa, you can make the Germany Visa Appointment date 6 months before your departure. In this way, you will have your visa earlier and you can get your hotel and flight tickets at a discount. As of 01.02.2020, the Germany visa appointment has been legally withdrawn 6 months before the earliest date. In order to benefit from the appointment services, you can also make an appointment from our application centre on any date you want.

On the day of your Germany visa appointment, you must have complete documents, complete forms and all documents proving your travel purpose. After submitting the documents and giving fingerprints on the appointment day, your visa process will begin. The legal transaction process will start with the processing of the documents sent to the embassy on the same day in 15 working days. In terms of the healthy progress and positive outcome of this process, you can get support from our expert staff, Long Visa Tourism Application Center, and follow-up.

Germany Visa Appointment To travel to Germany, you must first apply for a Schengen visa. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey with a Bordeaux passport are also required to obtain a visa to visit Germany. Green, grey, diplomatic passport holders are exempt from the German visa application. Germany is one of the countries that receives the most demand for visa appointments.

Germany visa appointments should be made according to your travel style and the type of visa to be determined. Short-term Germany visa appointments are made to visa application centers and travel agencies authorized by the consulate and embassy. Germany National visa applications are made directly to the German Consulates in Turkey.

How to Make a Germany Visa Appointment?

Firstly, you must prepare your Germany Schengen visa documents, and then you can get a visa appointment, so the vehicle of your visa application file is forwarded to the visa offices. If the person needs to give a fingerprint, the person will be there on appointment day. Long Visa center, which arranges your name and all visa documents, helps you in this process. After the evaluation of your visa application, your passport is transmitted from the German Consulate to the visa intermediary office. In line with your request, your passport will be sent by courier to be delivered to the address you provided during the visa application by the visa office. You can also get your passport from the visa office again. After preparing your documents for Germany visa appointments and taking your biometric photo, you will be ready for application. Then you can get a visa appointment on the most suitable date for your travel date.

Germany Visa Fee

Germany visa fees vary according to the length of stay and the age of the person going. With the decision taken on 9 July 1980, the Federal Republic of Germany cancelled the right of free movement for Turkish citizens and started visa application. With the transition to the visa application, it has the right to charge a fee during the application. German Visa Fee is not used for visa approval, but for personnel and general expenses working in embassies and consulates. Germany Visa Fee, Consular Service Fee payment is taken in Euros. The coordination fee of the Germany visa application centre is charged in TL. If you request the result of the application by courier, you must also pay the courier fee. You can make all payments from the Long Visa Tourism Application Center and receive free delivery directly from our application centre without paying for the courier service.

Germany Visa Fees vary according to age;

  • 0-6 years
  • 6-12 years
  • 12 years and over. You can call our Long Visa Tourism Application and Call Center for age and price calculations.

In order to apply for a German visa fee, Turkish citizens must pay the visa fee determined by the institution to the visa department of the German Consulate. After the Germany fee is paid, you can start the visa application and appointment process for your trip. As an exception, the German Consulate does not charge visa fees for children under the age of 12.

After the German fee is paid, no refund is made regardless of whether the visa result from the German Consulate is positive or negative. As with other Schengen visa applications, even if the person applying for a German visa receives a negative visa result, he or she cannot get a refund.

Germany Visa Fee 2021

If you want to apply for a German visa and pay the German visa fee, you must contact the authorized visa application center. In addition, you should apply by choosing the Germany visa type in the category that suits you for your trip to Germany. Your German visa applications that do not fit your personal profile, profession and purpose of travel will result in negative results. Most importantly, you will burn the visa application fee and your precious time.

Here is the information you need to know about the German visa fee:

  • The Germany fee is not transferable on behalf of another person.
  • The Germany fee is non-refundable.
  • The German fee is paid for a single application.
  • If you get a negative visa refusal result, you will have to pay the fee again for your new visa application.
  • You can only use the payment you made for a German visa.

For this reason, it will be useful to get help from the Long Visa Application Center for the German visa in Long Visa for the visa application process. You can get information by contacting the Long Visa consultants by phone, e-mail or on the website. You will not pay any fee for the information and suggestions to be made. You can also contact our visa centre via the live support line.

Germany Visa Petition Sample

The Germany Visa Petition Sample varies according to the person’s purpose of travel and the duration of stay and should be prepared separately for each file. In addition to personal documents, they are petitions that describe situations such as travel plans, the purpose of travel, expense notification. It should be written using plain and plain language. If the German visa petition exceeds three lines, we recommend that it be written by an expert translator in the native language of the country. You can get support from our Long Visa Tourism Application Center for all Germany Visa Petition counseling. In German visa applications, the petitions presented together with the documents and explaining the situation always affect the application positively, and even if you make a statement about the continuity of your travel in the petition, it is very possible to get a long-term visa. In Germany visa petition examples, standard, unrealistic petitions serve no purpose other than complying with stereotypical criteria rather than advancing the applicant’s file positively. For this reason, it is the healthiest to include simple, explanatory, verifiable statements in the mother tongue of the country while preparing the petition for the Germany visa. German Visa Petition Sample Turkish citizens who will travel to Germany must write a visa petition to the German Consulate and Embassy regarding their travel to this country. The documents required for the Germany tourist visa application are also included in the Germany visa petition sample. It would be better to get help from an authorized visa centre before preparing the Germany visa petition sample. What information is required for a German visa application? What points should be considered while writing a Germany visa petition sample? The important points to be considered for the visa request petition to be written by the people who will apply for a German tourist visa are as follows.

How Should the Germany Visa Petition Sample Be?

  • The purpose of the person’s travel to Germany must be clearly and comprehensibly stated. For example; the person who will participate in a purchased abroad tour should mention the touristic tour he will go to in the Germany tourist visa petition and add the documents and documents related to the tour to the fullest if he provides it.
  • The dates on which the person will travel to Germany must be specified. In the application for a German visa, the person’s entry-exit dates, how long they will stay in the country, and whether they will move to another country should be stated.
  • When writing a Germany visa petition sample, it should be stated who will cover the travel expenses of the person. If the person’s expenses during his trip to Germany will be covered by the person or the institution he/she works for, the documents to support this information should be attached to the visa application file.
  • Information should be provided to support the documents in the visa application file submitted to the German Consulate. The information specified in terms of the accuracy of the Germany visa petition sample must be compatible with the documents.

Situations to Write Two Petitions in Germany Visa Application

While preparing the Germany visa petition sample, in some cases, two petitions must be written. These two petitions should be carefully prepared and added to the visa application file to be submitted to the German Consulate. So, in which cases should two petitions be written?

  • If the person who will apply for a German tourist visa is an SSI employee in the private sector, the applicant must request a German visa petition from the institution where he/she works, stating that he/she is on leave on the dates he/she will travel. This petition should be prepared, stamped and signed by the company official.
  • If the person applying for a German tourist visa is a student or a housewife, he needs a sponsor to cover the expenses of his travel. The sponsors must be the first-degree relatives (mother, father, spouse, child) of the people who will be traveling. These people are accepted as sponsors by the German Consulate. While preparing the Germany visa petition, it should be stated by the sponsor that “the traveller’s expenses will be covered by himself”. And finally, the petition must be signed by the sponsor.

How Many Days Results in Germany Visa?

The question of how many days a Germany Visa will be issued varies according to the political situation of the period, foreign relations, application centre, application density and the purpose of the application. Tourist, family-relative visit applications are expected to be 15 working days, commercial visa applications are expected to be 5 working days. These times may result earlier or later depending on the intensity of the Embassy.

The German Visa exit time will be affected by the date of your application, that is, your appointment date. The earlier you make an appointment, the more time you will save for the results. In case of being late for a German visa application or not being able to find a regular appointment, VIP appointments can be made by paying an extra fee. This price is determined by the embassy. VIP appointment does not speed up the exit time of your Germany visa result. By opening the application to the non-appointment quota, the appointment also allows you to get ahead. It does not affect whether your VIP appointment visa is positive or negative.

How Many Days to Get a Germany Visa, varies according to the travel period you apply for and the type of visa. The type of visa known as the Schengen visa or tourist visa takes between 10 and 20 days for visa applications to be finalized. “How many days does it take for the German visa to be issued?” You can find the most correct answer to the question from the Long Visa Tourism Center.

How Many Days Result in Germany Visa and What is the Application Result Period?

Visa application processing time for business trips to Germany is shorter. In addition, you can prepare your documents more carefully and without haste, considering that the German business visa applications will be concluded faster.

The Visa finalization process is different for people who will travel to Germany for reasons such as health and treatment. Visa applications can be concluded in a few days if these people can submit documents proving the urgency of their situation to the German Consulate.

In application processes such as German national visa, family reunification, and the Erasmus program, your application results go through a different process. Visa procedures are concluded in an average of 90 days for family reunification applications and 30 days for other national visa applications.

The result of the German visa application also varies depending on whether the German Consulate calls you for an interview and requests new and additional documents. The German Consulate gives the result of the visa after the interview to the people it invites for the interview. For this reason, the visa application process and the finalization may take longer.

Based on the situations we have mentioned, you can start your Germany visa application process 2 months before your trip so that your Germany visa applications and travel can be realized without any problems.

IDATA Germany Visa

Germany Visa IDATA is one of the authorized application centres directed by the embassy.

  • Ankara
  • İstanbul
  • İzmir
  • Antalya
  • Trabzon

located in the cities. Its main centres are Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir offices. IDATA application center has been serving since 2011. IDATA German Embassy / Consulate is a private center that accepts documents and applications and processes by appointment.

You can also apply and submit your documents through the Long Visa Tourism Application Center. During the application, one of our expert staff will serve you until the application is over. After your application is completed and your transaction process is completed, your passport, which is resulted from IDATA, will be received by us.

Germany visa IDATA only accepts short-term, C-type visa applications.

  • Touristy
  • Commercial
  • Cultural
  • Family-friend visit
  • Education

You can apply for this type of visa. Long-term visa applications can be made by making an appointment at embassies and consulates.

The German Consulate does not accept direct applications in Schengen visa application processes, and visa applications are received by the citizens who will travel through Germany’s visa application centres, accredited tourism travel agencies and visa centers.

IDATA is the official institution authorized by the German Consulate in Turkey for German visa procedures. Germany visa procedures are carried out at IDATA application centers located in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. By using the IDATA visa consultancy service for a Germany visa, your visa appointment and application procedures are carried out. For those who will travel to Germany, until 2012, visa applications were made to the German Consulates. Since 2012, Germany visa applications have started to be made at IDATA visa application centers. Travelers can get IDATA consultancy service to speed up their German visa applications and appointment processes.

The obligation to provide fingerprints when processing IDATA Germany visas has been applied since 2014. When applying for a Schengen visa for the first time, travellers provide fingerprints. Fingerprinting is done during the IDATA Germany visa application.

IDATA is the authorized official institution in Turkey for those who will make Germany visa procedures for their travels to Germany for more than 90 days with a Schengen visa up to 90 days. During the application for an IDATA Germany visa, you need to prepare your documents completely and then get a visa appointment. You must have all your documents with you on the date of your appointment. It will be beneficial to get support from a professional and knowledgeable visa office during the IDATA Germany visa application. Long Visa is one of the authorized visa centres where you can get support while applying for a German visa.

IDATA Germany Visa Procedures

It is important to forward your applications to the German Consulate and Embassy for your travel to Germany. IDATA centre forwards German visa applications to authorized consulates and embassies with the authorization from the German Consulate. IDATA accepts visa appointments of applicants. Germany visa applications are submitted to the consulate after the preliminary check by IDATA Germany visa consultants and the visa documents belonging to the person.

IDATA company provides visa application and appointment services from the provinces of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya, Gaziantep and Trabzon. Turkish citizens who will apply for a German visa can submit their visa documents and applications to these centres.

IDATA officers initiate the visa process by determining the appropriate visa type for the traveller during the visa application. After the visa application and documents are received, they are examined by IDATA officials. After the file given by the traveler is accepted, visa procedures begin. The German visa application made to the German Consulate and Embassy is forwarded to the IDATA center after it is finalized. Then, the passport of the person who will travel is sent to the address specified during the application by passport cargo.

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