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Italy Visa is one of the most applied visas in recent years. People must prepare the necessary documents. They must be careful in the visa application process.  You must have a valid passport because you can get a visa application. You need to prepare the documents completely according to the visa types you will apply for. 

There are many rules in visa procedures other than the documents requested from you. These legal procedures are confusing and inextricable processes. However, it is possible to overcome this process easier with the Long Visa company, which is a professional in its field. Our Long Visa company offers you the best service and expert staff support in this process and helps you get your visa without any problems.

How is Italy Visa Processed?

Your passport must first be suitable for travel to get an Italy visa. Holders of special passports, service passport and diplomatic passports are exempt from visa applications. These people can visit the country for a period not exceeding 180 days. However, it is one of the conditions in which it is obligatory for the holders of burgundy, ordinary passports, and third-country persons living in Turkey to obtain a visa.

However, people with a previously valid Schengen visa can travel with this visa. You can get help from our Long Visa Tourism for your short-term visa application. People must explain their travel purpose in their visa application. People must fill Italy visa form.

What are the Italy Visa Application Types?

There are a lot of visa types for people travelling to Italy. Individuals apply by choosing a visa type that appeals to their purposes. Among the visa types that can be selected for Italy visa application;

  • Italy tourist visa
  • Italy residence visa
  • Italy work visa
  • Italy family visit visa
  • Italy business visa

Apart from this, there are different categories of visas. When people prepare their documents, people must be careful with these categories. Our Long Visa Tourism company helps you a lot in this regard.

Italy Embassy Visa

People have some papers and documents that they need to prepare. Visa documents and fees are updated every year. Therefore, taking action based on outdated information will cause your visa application process to take longer. When you get an Italy visa, you can get service from our authorized Long visa application centre.

There are a lot of visa types in Italy visa applications. Among these visa types, you should choose the most suitable one for you. Italy tourist visa, education visa, residence visa, business visa, friend and family visit visa are among the visas that can be preferred. In addition to these, you will be asked to specify this visa type in the petition you wrote while preparing your documents.

Italy Embassy Visa Applications

The documents must be up-to-date during the Italy visa application. Getting service from our company, which is professional in the paperwork process, will help to make the process easier. The documents to be prepared are:

  • Passport: Your passport must be current, not older than ten years, and have at least two blank leaves. At the same time, if you have old passports, you should add them to the application file.
  • Application form: You can obtain the application form from the application centre and online. All requested information, including personal and contact information, must be filled in.
  • Undertaking and petition
  • Invitation
  • Two biometric photos
  • Apart from these, documents such as a student certificate from your school if you are a student, a marriage certificate sample if you are married, and documents from the institution you work for if you are working are among the documents that should be in your file. During the visa application of the Italian Embassy, ​​flight reservations containing travel information and accommodation information are among the requested documents.

Visa Appointment and Fingerprint

You must also get your visa appointment during the visa process at the Italian Embassy. A Visa appointment can be given to a future date depending on the density. For this reason, when you are going to have your visa procedures done, you should start the procedures one month before your travel.

Our Long Visa Application Center is of great help to you in this regard. At the same time, our Long Visa Tourism company provides you with the necessary support for depositing visa fees. After the fees are paid, you can get your visa within 7 days by going through the fingerprint application at the visa appointment.

Italy Consulate Visa

Visa procedures at the Italy consulate are mandatory procedures that must be done by those who are considering going to Italy. Fulfilling these procedures can cause difficulties for people and even often encounter visa refusals. You have to care about the documents preparation process for you can get a visa application.

There is an extremely wide range of documents for visa procedures, from passport up-to-date to biometric photo taking. It is also important that these are both up-to-date and legible. Before you make your personal applications to the application centres, you should definitely get information about the necessary documents. The document scale is wide and different documents may need to be prepared for each visa type.

Italy Visa Application Centre

You can start Italy visa procedures by contacting our Long visa Application Centre. You may encounter some inconveniences while applying. The most important problems are the preparation of documents that are not suitable for the type of application or the fact that the requested documents are not up-to-date. If you do not want to deal with these problems during the Italy visa application process, you can get service from our visa application company.

As the Long Visa application centre, we serve you within a corporate process. Italian Consulate Visa Our employees provide you with the necessary support in preparation of documents, updating the outdated ones, paying the application fees and many more. The appointment date is also an important issue during visa applications. We provide you with the necessary information about what kind of questions to ask and how to answer when going to the appointment.

Preparation of Italy Consulate Visa Documents

As a Long Visa Tourism company, it is very meticulous in the preparation of visa documents. The visa needs to be accepted so that the documents are delivered and submitted in full before the deadline. In particular, the passport must be up-to-date and the application form must be filled in completely at the time of application.

The Italy consulate visa appointment is given to individuals after the submission of the application documents. You can get your visa in no time thanks to the review, the digital fingerprinting application and your persuasive speeches during the appointment. The employees of our Long Visa Tourism company support you at every stage and share the updated information about visa fees with you. When the whole process is completed, you can get your visa within 7 working days at the latest. You can contact us about the Italy consulate visa procedures.

Italy Family Friend Visit Visa

People who wish to obtain an Italy family-friendly visa must fulfil many legal procedures and complete paperwork. People must have received an invitation from their relatives and friends for this visit. Sending the invitation by e-mail or fax is among the important issues. It is important to have photocopies of the sender’s passport and identity information, as well as residence permit documents, along with this invitation.

One of the issues that people who will get a family friend visit visa to Italy should pay attention to is the validity period of the passport. One of the important issues is that the passports, which should maintain their usability for a while after the trip is over, are not worn and are at a readable level.

What are the Italy Family Friend Visit Visa Documents?

Among the other documents that are as important as the invitation and passport, various documents should be prepared, such as an application form, a letter of undertaking, a personally written petition, a photocopy of the identity card, and 2 biometric photographs. In addition to these, the availability of documents explaining the financial situation is among the important details.

The photocopy of the flight ticket indicating the travel date of the person, the hotel etc. reservations to be accommodated in the destination or their addresses are among the issues that should be specified during the Italy visa application. You must have health insurance at the time of your visa application. In addition to these, you need to add your professional and financial information to the visa documents.

How Can You Get Italy Visa?

In addition to preparing your documents, you must also get a visa appointment date in order to get a visa for Italy Family Friend Visit. Getting an Italy Visa appointment and submitting the documents completely is an extremely troublesome process. However, our company, Long Visa, which is the authorized institution in this field, offers you high-standard services. Our Long Visa Tourism company is highly professional in terms of standards and will help you complete your visa procedures quickly.

We not only provide you with the best information about visa fees and application documents, which are updated every year but also provide the service to follow this process at an institutional level. If you want to get your visa smoothly and as soon as possible, you can get support from our company when applying for an Italy visa.

Italy Business Visa

People need to prepare many documents both personally, professionally and financially for an Italy business visa. There are many additional documents required for a commercial visa. While personal documents are the standard documents that people who want to get an Italian visa should prepare. People who are in great confusion of documents on this subject have the opportunity to benefit from the services of our Long Visa company.

We have a professional staff working meticulously, from the collection of the documents to the filling and delivery of the documents to the relevant authorities during the Italian business visa. The fact that the documents to be prepared during these processes are updated every year and that they request new documents can push people into a very troublesome process. In such cases, it is inevitable to get professional service.

Documents You Need to Prepare for Italy Business Visa

The list of documents you need to prepare when you get an Italy business visa can be examined in 3 different groups. These lists of documents can be grouped as follows:

  • Personal Documentation List

In this group of documents, there are passports the people, travel health insurance, biometric photos, documents containing accommodation and travel information, Italy Visa application form and photocopies of the pages processed in the passport. All these documents are standard and anyone applying for an Italian visa has to prepare them.

  • Documents Showing Financial Status

Documents showing the financial status are also important and require meticulousness. These are the bank statements that you will receive from banks. During the Italy commercial visa application, your vehicle’s license and all the titles you have are in this group.

  • Professional Documents

In the professional document group, there should be documents stating how long you have worked in which job. There are additional documents besides Italy visa documents. These additional documents can sometimes vary depending on the nature of the work you do.

Italy Tourist Visa

Italy tourist visa is a visa for a certain period of time for people who will visit Italy for tourism purposes. Obtaining these visas is complex, like all other visa processes. The fact that Italy is meticulous about visa can cause people to have difficulties in this process. One of the issues that people should focus on while obtaining a visa is to prepare their documents completely. Italy visa application may be rejected if the documents are incomplete or not correct. When obtaining an Italy tourist visa, it is recommended that people first get support from a professionally authorized institution. Because the process is extremely complex in terms of legal procedures. However, getting a visa appointment is not as easy as it seems.

Italy Tourist Visa Documents

An up-to-date passport is one of the documents that should be prepared by those who are considering going to Italy for tourism purposes. One of the most important issues to be considered is that the passport should not be older than ten years. In addition to these, it is a must that this passport is up-to-date so that you can use this passport for at least 6 months more than the date of your travel. If your passport has been renewed, you must also report your old passports to the relevant authorities.

Among the other documents required during the Italy Tourist visa application; You have an application form, invitation, travel health insurance, application petition stating your purpose of travel, two biometric photos, education and financial information. At the same time, you must provide your hotel accommodation information where you will stay and your flight information indicating your flight dates.

Important Details When Obtaining Italy Visa

The visa appointment is one of the most important issues when getting an Italy tourist visa. Since Italy is one of the countries that host a lot of tourists, visa applications are intense in the spring and summer months. For this reason, you must start preparing documents for Italy visa procedures one or one and a half months before the travel date.

When Italy visa procedures are to be made, we help you to get your visa as soon as possible as a Long Visa Tourism company in this area. Thanks to our expert staff who are with you during the visa appointment, you receive your visa before your travel date and you have the opportunity to travel safely. You can contact our company about Italy tourist visa procedures.

How to Apply for Italy Visa?

People who will apply for an Italy visa must fill out the application form and, if their passport is to be renewed, have it renewed. Then, the following documents are prepared in full:

  • Photocopies of passports and old visas
  • Filling the application form
  • Invitation
  • Two biometric photos
  • Documents containing information about travel and accommodation
  • Proof of birth certificate
  • Certificate of residence
  • Apart from these, documents showing travel expenses, professional documents, education and financial documents are required. Apart from these documents, they may also request additional documents for your travel purpose. After completing your documents, applications are made to the relevant authorities and you are given a visa appointment. Giving contradictory answers to the questions asked at the Italy visa appointment will cause your visa application to be rejected.

Important Details in Visa Application

Instead of going through a complex process during the Italy visa application process, you can get support from authorized institutions that do this professionally. Our Long Visa Tourism company offers the support you are looking for in the best way.

Our employees help you in the best way possible with the visa application process, making an appointment, digital fingerprinting and many more. Our team, which detects your outdated documents, also guides you in passport and document renewal processes. They also give the best support to get your visa hassle-free. You can contact our company for Italy Visa Application Procedures.

What are Italy Visa Documents and Documents?

Italy visa documents and documents for travel to Italy can be examined in different categories. Some of these documents are standard documents. Some of them are documents that differ according to the type of visa. Standard documents include:

  • Passport and visa application form
  • Personal petition and invitation for visa
  • Copy of ID and undertaking
  • Travel and accommodation information
  • Business and financial information
  • Photocopies of marriage certificates of those who are married

Apart from these, there are also documents detailed in terms of occupational information. We provide you with the necessary support for the up-to-dateness of these documents during the Italian visa procedures.

Document Delivery in Visa Procedures

If you have prepared your Italy visa documents to make your Italy visa procedures, one of the issues you should pay attention to is the Italy visa appointment. Getting an appointment is not always easy because consulates are extremely busy. It is extremely important to leave this process to professionals, as there is the same density in the application centres.

During the visa appointment, digital fingerprinting is applied, and you must answer the questions asked by the authorities. Our Long Visa Tourism company, which helps you in this regard, offers important support for all kinds of information. If there is no problem while obtaining a visa, you can get your visa within 7 working days at the latest and go on your trip. You can contact our company about the documents required for Italy Visa.

Italy Visa Form

Italy visa form is one of the visa documents available online. This form must be filled in correctly and completely. When filling out the Italy visa application form, it is important to ensure that all information is up-to-date. In light of this information, your visa application will be started. When applying for a visa, only the application form is not sufficient. When obtaining an Italy visa, you must pay attention to the details.

You can also obtain the application form, which must be filled out during the Italy visa procedures through our institution. Our Long Visa Company provides you with important conveniences during the application period and helps you to get the visa, which is seen as a very difficult process, easier. You can get support from our authorized intermediary institution to get your Italy visa quickly.

How to Fill Italy Visa Form?

To get your Italy visa, you must update your passport and choose your travel type as it should be. The types of visas that you will encounter during the visa process are as follows:

  • Italy friend and family visit visa
  • Italy residence visa type
  • Italy tourist visa type
  • Italy education visa type
  • Italy business visa type
  • There are also different types of visas. The application form may vary depending on the type of application. If people have a valid Schengen visa, they can be exempted from the visa. Diplomatic and service passport holders are also exempt from visas under certain conditions. İt is one of the mandatory conditions for people other than these to obtain a visa.

Important Details When Obtaining a Visa

Our long visa centre helps you when you will get an Italy visa application. Thanks to the support of our company, you can get your visa in a short time and make your trip.

As Long Visa Tourism company, we follow the visa application process from beginning to end with a corporate service approach. We work with you in collecting documents and re-supplying outdated documents.

In addition to these, we come to the institution with you during the delivery of the documents and provide the necessary support for the problems that may arise during the application process.

Italy Visa Procedures

People who will visit Italy must do their Italy visa procedures. This is mandatory legal action. Visa can be defined as a movement permit granted to foreigners by the official institutions of a country. Obtaining a visa is both a complex and extremely troublesome process. You must have a passport for you can an Italy visa.

The list of documents to be prepared for transactions is quite extensive. It is the individual’s responsibility that this list is up-to-date and completely accurate. The passport to be used during visa procedures must not be older than ten years. İt is obligatory for people who renew their passports to have their old passports in their visa file.

Italy Visa Required documents

  • Current passport valid for 6 months after the end of the trip,
  • Application form,
  • Undertaking
  • A personal petition written to the Visa Section of the Italy Consulate,
  • 2 biometric photos
  • Document showing travel and accommodation information,
  • Invitation

Apart from these, documents showing professional, educational and financial status should also be in the file. Documents related to travel expenses are also among the documents to be prepared.

Italy Visa Appointment

Italy Visa Appointment is one of the most critical stages in the visa process. One of the most important issues that people should focus on in this process is completing the visa documents and successfully passing the visa appointment. To get a visa appointment, they must prepare their documents in full and submit them to the relevant authorities. The process for obtaining an Italy visa can seem rather complicated. For this reason, as a Long Visa company, we strive to provide you with the best corporate support in this process.

When you are going to have visa procedures, it is sufficient to apply to our company. Our Long Visa Tourism Company prepares all the documents on your behalf and supports you while delivering these documents and making an appointment date.

How to Get an Italy Visa Appointment?

After you have prepared your documents in a way that will not be missing, you need to submit these documents to the relevant institutions. After the documents are checked, you will be given a visa appointment on a suitable date. During the visa appointment, you may be asked questions such as your purpose of travel, where you will be staying, whether you have acquaintances in the place you are going to, and how long you plan to stay.

At the same time, you must pass the digital fingerprint application during the Italy visa appointment. This application is an application that is required during the visa procedures of many countries. There is a requirement to pass this fingerprint application during the Italy visa application. If the answers you give during the appointment satisfy the authorities, your visa application is accepted and you can get your visa between 7-10 at the latest. However, you must start your visa procedures 1 month before your trip.

Italy Visa Fee

Italy Visa Fee is one of the most important issues to be considered in visa applications. Since visa fees are updated every year, people have to get information from reliable sources on this subject. As Long Visa Centre, we provide up-to-date information on visa fees and at the same time, we can closely monitor your visa application procedures. We follow the documents to be prepared by people other than passport holders exempt from visa procedures in the best way. We assist in making applications to the authorities required for obtaining a visa. You can call our company for current visa fees.

If your passport is not up-to-date during the Italian visa process, getting your visa can be an extremely troublesome process. Our company is a corporate company that provides you with detailed information about outdated Italy visa documents and helps you with all kinds of problems that may be rejected.

Italy Visa Fee and Applications

Many passport holders are required to obtain a visa to travel to Italy. It is necessary to prepare up-to-date documents on passport, health report, travel insurance and many more during the visa purchase. Among the documents you will prepare, passport, application form, health insurance, residence, bank statements and any other documents should be prepared completely.

In addition, you must clearly state your travel type at the time of application. It is a very important detail for you to get a positive response after your Italy visa application, stating that you will make your trip as a family visit, education or business. In addition to these, care should be taken not to give contradictory answers to the type of application at the appointment.

Italy Visa Appointment and Fingerprint

People who want to get an Italian visa must pass successfully the visa appointment process after the document preparation process. Getting a visa appointment is not as easy as it seems. In this process, individuals must first submit their documents to the application centre. You will be given an appointment on a certain date, depending on the density of the application centre and other official institutions. During the Italy visa appointment, you are also asked to enter the digital fingerprint application.

One of the issues that people should pay attention to during the appointment is that they do not give contradictory answers. Making different statements according to the visa type will cause your visa to be rejected and all the procedures to be done from the beginning. In order not to encounter such situations, you can get support from our Long visa tourism company. You can contact us about Italy Visa Fee.

Italy Visa Petition Sample

With the Italy visa petition sample, you can write your petition that you need to prepare during the visa application process in the best way and ensure that your application is approved faster. However, a petition alone is not enough during visa applications. There are many minor legal details that people should pay attention to in this process. As Long Visa company, we offer you the best service support.

People who will receive an Italian visa should have detailed information about current Italy Visa documents and visa fees. Persons whose passports need to be renewed are required to renew these passports and add them to the visa file together with their old passports. If the passports are old, torn and unreadable, if at least two pages are not blank, and if they are not valid for 6 more days after the end of the trip, they must be renewed.

Italy Visa Petition Sample and Visa Documents

The documents to be prepared during the Italian visa procedures are extremely extensive. Some of these documents are standard and everyone has to prepare them. However, in different cases such as a commercial, tourism or education visa, additional legal documents may be requested depending on the type of visa.

Among the visa documents; Many official documents, including application form, invitation, Italy visa petition sample, documents containing bank and business information, and documents about your travel, accommodation and flight information, must be in the visa file. At the same time, it is one of the most important issues for people to pay their visa fees in full.

VFS Italy Visa

It is extremely important to get services from authorized institutions in order to make the VFS Italy Visa process easier and speed up the visa process. VFS visa application centre is among the institutions where these transactions can be made. However, in order to be able to apply here, you must have your visa documents fully prepared and have fully filled out the Italy visa application form.

Your application documents must be complete during the visa application process. We support the completion of your documents and the completion of your visa procedures in a short time. We also provide you with all kinds of information for additional documents that may come out during the process, and we check the visa issued after the transaction and deliver it to you.

What are Vfs Italy Visa Documents?

A passport is one of the most important documents to be prepared during the Italian visa purchase. A passport must be valid. There is a condition that this document should be valid 6 months after the end of the trip. The documents to be prepared during the Italy visa application may also vary according to your application form.

Visa application documents include invitation, application form, petition, residence, travel health insurance and many more. Our staff, who are experts in the field of our company, prepare these documents and provide you with the necessary assistance during the delivery process, ensuring that you get a visa very quickly.

How Many Days in Italy Visa

The question of how many days to get an Italy visa is one of the most curious subjects for those who want to go to Italy. This process may vary according to the meticulousness of preparing documents, the diversity of legal procedures in the country and the density of applications. The visa process may also be extended when official and religious holidays come in between. Getting support from an authorized corporate firm to obtain a visa will help to make the process shorter. Our Long Visa company also offers you the best service in this process.

To get an Italy Visa, you need to start the application process 1 or 1.5 months before the travel date. During the application process, sometimes your documents may be returned and they may request renewal. However, there may be cases of requesting additional documents during the appointment. This will delay the visa issuance.

Our Long Visa Tourism company ensures that your transactions are faster in this process and you can get your visa within 7 days. Our corporate company informs you in detail about this process.

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