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The USA Visa

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You must get professional support for your US visa and application. According to immigration law, the USA accepts visa applications. You must accept all the rules set by its diplomatic representatives for the US visa to be accepted. It gives the right to enter the Republic of Turkey without making any distinction between passports.

Visa procedures are carried out with great sensitivity to ensure the security of the country. The United States of America evaluates criteria such as age, and occupational status of the person. If you want to visit the USA, you must apply American Consulate. You are going to demand entry and travel to the country. According to the evaluations made, if you are deemed eligible, your request will be approved.

If you do not want to deal with all these procedures and tire yourself, as the Long visa company, we can be your representative at the embassy for visa procedures in the USA.

The USA Visa Types

When you arrive at the entry point, the immigration officer will check your visa, and if there is no problem, you will enter. There are two types of visa applications in the USA. These are non-immigrant visas and immigrant visas. If you are going to study, work or visit, you must obtain a non-immigrant visa. If you want to live or work in the United States indefinitely, you must apply for an immigrant visa.

As Long visa company, we are your biggest supporter in completing your documents according to the rules by saving you from unnecessary paperwork without wasting time.

How to Obtain the USA Visa

People applying for a nonimmigrant visa must fill DS-160 form. Firstly, you must apply online, and then you must fill DS-160 form. If you apply to us as a long visa company, we ensure that you fill out all the forms in a professional manner. All you have to do is to prepare your documents. We are preparing your visa application file with the privilege of the long visa.

The second stage of obtaining a visa from the United States is the United States visa interview. For the USA visa interview, our Long visa company provides you with all the necessary training, and we enable you to enter the USA consulate visa interview with your USA specialist. Our Long Visa Tourism company is always at your service to make your US Visa applications by the procedures and professionally. You can get back to us from our contact numbers.

The USA Embassy Visa

The American Embassy is the most important centre for people who want to apply for a visa. Embassies are representations that have diplomatic immunity and aim to establish diplomatic, military, political, social and economic relations mutually opened by countries in each other’s capitals.

It is possible to apply for a US visa from the visa department of the US Embassy in Ankara. However, people who want to obtain a visa from here must make an appointment. The American Embassy does not accept visa applications without an appointment. In addition, since the USA is the country that receives the most visa applications in the world, there may be a transaction density. In order not to be affected by this intensity, it is important to apply at least 2 months before the travel date.

The USA Embassy Visa Petition

The first step for people wishing to apply for a US visa is to submit a petition addressed to the embassy. People should write this petition in English, and the purpose of the trip and the duration it will cover should be clearly stated in this petition. People who have difficulty writing a petition in English can benefit from the services of our company Long Vize Tourism. Our company provides the necessary support to the applicants in writing the application petition.

Another issue that needs to be mentioned in the example of a US visa petition is to specify the connections in Turkey that will enable the person to return from their trip to America. School, work or deep-rooted family ties are among these links. This application, it is aimed to ensure that people who will go to America leave the country when their time expires.

The USA Visa Proof of Financial Adequacy

One of the most important issues demanded by the American Embassy to be proven during the visa application is that the person has the financial power to cover this trip and the expenses that may occur during the trip. For this reason, at least a 3-month bank account statement, a wet-signed payroll by the person’s institution official, and if the business owner is the owner of the business, the documents showing his/her earnings must also be submitted during the application.

You can get more detailed information about the USA visa by contacting our long visa company, and if you wish, you can benefit from the services offered by our company. Our company, which has been operating in this field for many years with its experienced staff, provides all kinds of support for the smooth progress of your US visa application process.

The USA Consulate Visa

The American Consulate is one of the competent authorities to which those who want to obtain a visa can apply. People who want to apply for a visa from the USA consulate general in Istanbul must make an appointment before applying. It is not possible for people who come without an appointment to apply. It is obligatory for the people who will apply for a visa to be present at the consulate in person during the application. However, people who want to renew or extend their visa are exempt from this, provided that they meet certain conditions.

It is also possible for people who will apply for a visa to the United States to get more detailed information about this issue and to get support from the centres that provide services to our visa company in order to ensure that their transactions are carried out faster. It will be a great advantage to benefit from the experience of these centres, especially for visas that have a challenging application process such as the USA visa.

Digital Fingerprint Requirement for American Consulate Visa

People who want to obtain a US visa must come to the Consulate building on their appointment date and leave a fingerprint sample. It is not possible for individuals who do not provide a fingerprint sample to proceed to other stages. However, people who will obtain a visa for the second time and who have left fingerprints the previous time do not need to leave fingerprints again.

In addition, people who left fingerprints in their previous application do not have to be present in person during their second application. It is possible to reach the necessary information about the process to be followed during the visa application via the consulate website or the Long Visa Center. People who will apply for a visa at the American Consulate should plan by considering that these institutions do not work on public holidays in the two countries.

Documents Requested by the USA Consulate General for Visa

The United States of America Consulate General in Istanbul requests some documents as standard from people who apply for a visa. However, if it deems necessary, it has the right to request more documents. You can get information about the documents required by the American Consulate Visa Department for the American visa from our Long Visa Tourism company. The most important of the requested documents is an application petition addressed to this authority. Apart from this, a passport valid for the period requested by the American Embassy is also required. You can contact Long Visa to find the full list of required documents.

The USA Family or Friend Visiting Visa

The US family/friend visit visa is the permit document that the citizens of the Republic of Turkey who want to visit their spouse and unmarried children in the US should obtain before their travel. In addition, people who want to visit their first-degree relatives must also apply for this visa. The US family/friend visit visa is one of the nonimmigrant visa types.

You must have a passport that is not older than 10 years and has a validity of at least 6 months after the end of the visit date to apply for this visa. People who want to apply for a US visa should apply to the visa departments of the diplomatic mission representations of this country in Turkey, together with the necessary documents.

The US Family or Friend Visit Visa Form and Application Petition

People who will apply for a US visa are obliged to submit some documents before and during the application. Before the application, it is necessary to fill in the visa application form called DS 160. It is possible to access this form on the embassy and consulate websites. US Family/Friend Visit visa form DS 160 is a pre-form for the US to recognize the applicant. You must fill this form in with correct information in English.

The application petition, on the other hand, is a document that must be written in English and addressed to the embassy or consular office. You must specify points such as the purpose, duration and financing of the trip in this petition. Our company, Long Visa Tourism, which serves as a visa company, shares its experience gained as a result of operating in this field for many years with its guests who want to apply for a visa.

Other Documents Required for the USA Family or Friend Visit Visa

In addition to a valid passport, visa application form and visa application petition, different documents are also required. The USA Embassy or Consulate has the right to request more documents if deemed necessary. The biometric photograph taken in the last three months and the applicant’s identity card photocopy must also be included in the application documents.

In addition, people who will apply for a visa for the USA family/friend visit visa must submit a photocopy of their marriage certificate. To learn all the documents required for a visa application, you can contact our Long Visa company and benefit from our services.

The USA Business Visa

The USA business visa is a permit document that should be obtained by the citizens of the Republic of Turkey who plan to travel to this country for commercial purposes. Regardless of the passport type they hold, every Turkish citizen travelling to the United States is subject to a visa application. There are two types of visas in the USA. These are immigrant visas and non-immigrant visas. People wishing to obtain a business visa must apply non-immigrant visa application. People who will apply for a visa to the United States should apply for a visa at least one month in advance, taking into account the possible densities. Otherwise, disruptions and delays in the visa process will prevent the trip from taking place on the planned date.

How to Apply for a USA Business Visa?

People who want to apply for a business visa to the USA can apply through the American Embassy or the American Consulate General. In addition, it is possible to apply for a commercial visa through the centre of our visa company. If you wish, you can instruct us to carry out your commercial visa procedures through Uzun Visa Tourism and you can benefit from the professional support of our company in this process. To obtain a US visa, it is necessary to prepare the documents requested by the relevant authorities and apply with an application petition. The language of the application petition and the application form must be English. Petitions that are not written in good English may result in the cancellation of the visa application. It makes sense to get the service of an experienced visa company to go through the petition process and after that without any problems.

Documents Required for US Business Visa

Unlike a regular visa, a business visa requires the submission of some additional documents. In the commercial visa application, submitting an invitation from any company or institution in the United States is effective in terms of a positive outcome of the process. However, this is not a requirement. People who carry out commercial activities on behalf of a company or those who travel as a company owner must present the situation that is the subject of the trip with a written document and wet signature among the application documents. You can contact our Long Visa company to get information about the documents required for the USA business visa and to ask your questions.

The USA Tourist Visa

The USA tourist visa is the permit that the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, who are planning a trip to this country, must obtain before travelling. There are two types of visas in the USA. These are immigrant visas and non-immigrant visas. People wishing to obtain a tourist visa must apply for a non-immigrant visa. Visas issued to citizens of the Republic of Turkey are generally 10-year and multiple-entry visas. However, this does not mean staying in the USA for ten years.

A person with a visa can stay in the USA for a maximum of 6 months per year. In addition, border officers have the right to limit the time that people can stay in the country by evaluating the situation at the time of entry into the country. The US visa has a more complex process than other country visas. For this reason, it forces people who want to get a visa.

Where to Apply for the USA Tourist Visa?

People who want a USA tourist visa should apply to the diplomatic representations of the United States of America in Turkey. In addition, it is possible to apply through the centre of our visa company, which provides services in this regard. Even if an application is made through our company, people must be present at the time of application. Especially, people who will apply for a USA visa for the first time have to leave a fingerprint sample at the consulate or embassy. Children under the age of fourteen and adults over the age of eighty who have at least one parent with an American visa are exempt from the requirement to be present in the visa application.

The USA Visa Interview

There is an oral interview as well as an evaluation of the submitted documents while obtaining the USA visa. The information declared by the individuals in the oral interview must match the information in the documents submitted to the diplomatic representations. It is necessary to be careful during the interview, as providing inconsistent information will have negative results on the visa application.

As Long Visa Tourism, we share our experience with you about the USA visa interview and help you get through this process without any problems. You can ask about any issue you are wondering about the US visa by contacting us via the phone numbers of our Long Visa company. Our company, which has been serving our visa company for many years, supports you with its experienced staff to complete your visa application procedures without any problems.

The USA Visa Application

The USA Visa Application According to your purpose of being in the USA, the path you need to follow in your application must be by the procedures of the American Consulate. Unsuitable applications will not be accepted by the consulate. In case of rejection, the payment you deposit for the application will not be refunded. For this reason, for your application to be complete and accepted, Long visa tourism offers you the highest quality service in the US visa application.

Your application will be approved when you meet all the requirements for the USA visa application. Your application is approved by the USCIS regional office after all your documents have been reviewed. If your application is approved, it will be sent to the NCV. After NCV receives your application, they will contact you if the visa number is available. You should not do a travel plan before your application is approved. You should not do a travel plan before your application is approved. Our Long visa tourism company is always at your service in order not to leave you alone in this process with many details.

How to Fill DS-160 The USA Visa Application Form?

If you want to apply for an American visa, you cannot do this without the DS-160 US visa form. Since the form is filled in English, if you do not have a sufficient level of English, you will have to apply to our firm’s office. When filling out the form, you should not provide false information. It will be sufficient to fill out the form at least three days before your application to the US Embassy and US Consulate. At this point, our Long Visa company offers you the highest quality service with its expert team.

Things to Consider While Applying for the USA Visa

You must prepare all the documents, and the documents must be compatible with each other when you apply visa application. This is required to enter the USA. Everyone who applies for a US visa must pass the interview conducted by the consulate. People under the age of 14 and over the age of 80 do not need to go to the consulate in person if they have complete documents.

One of the mandatory points in the application is you have a passport that is valid for 6 months. According to your application category, you need to fill out the form electronically from the American Consulate and make an appointment. The Consulate may request additional documents if it deems appropriate. You must apply for the USA visa at least 6 to 8 weeks before your intended trip to the USA. You can call our Long Visa company and learn all the details about the USA visa application. We always continue to provide you with the best service to complete your application process as soon as possible.

The USA Visa Papers and Documents

You must prepare all paperwork and documents before applying for a visa. You must present these documents at the time of application. People wishing to obtain a US visa must have a passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of travel. Before applying for a visa, individuals should create an account with their personal information through the US embassy or consulate and fill out the application form here. 

Declaring incomplete information in the application form and the emergence of this situation in the subsequent examinations will indisputably lead to the rejection of visa applications. In addition, since this negative situation will appear as a negative point in future applications, people should give correct information.

What are the USA Visa Documents?

The USA visa application is a very difficult process compared to visa applications in other countries. The requirement to fill the application petition in English complicates the application process. People must specify their purpose of travel completely and without leaving any question marks on the visa application petition.

It is also necessary to specify how the financing for the trip will be provided, and the person sponsoring it if the person does not have a fixed salary. Sponsors must submit a petition in English, stating that they are sponsoring the applicant and proving their financial adequacy. As Long Visa Tourism, we can prepare your English petitions for you in the best way possible and apply on your behalf. To benefit from the services of our company, simply contact us.

The USA Visa Form

The USA visa form is a form that must be filled by people who will apply for a visa to the USA. This form, also known as DS 160, is filled out on the websites of the diplomatic mission representations of the United States. This form, which must be filled in completely in English, is important for the other party to have preliminary information about the applicant.

Incomplete Information Legal Action Justification

This form, which will be filled out during the USA visa application, also contains the article that legal action can be taken in case of false declaration. The conflict between the documents to be submitted later or the information to be obtained as a result of the research to be carried out about the person and the information in this form may cause the applicants to have negative results in their applications, as well as cause them to be the subject of a number of legal proceedings. For this reason, you must be very careful when you have to fill out this form. As Long Visa Tourism, we provide you with professional company service in the process of filling out the USA visa application form.

The USA Visa Procedures and Visa Categories

According to your purpose of going to the United States, you can apply for a USA visa application short-term or long-term. In short-term visa procedures, you can apply for tourist, commercial, medical treatment, temporary work and education purposes. A long-term visa is an application made by people who want to stay in the United States permanently. This visa is also called an immigrant visa; It is applied in cases such as engagement, family reunification, employer sponsorship, green card visa, returning resident foreigner application.

All your documents must be up-to-date for your visa procedures to be approved. Even if you apply for ten years, you must remain in the United States for six months uninterrupted. The duration of the US visa will be determined in the interview with the American Consulate, depending on the reasons you provide and the completeness of your documents. The slightest mistake you make will result in a negative result for your visa application. For this reason, it is beneficial to get help from our company. As Long visa tourism, when you apply to us for US visa procedures, we will be happy to assist you with our experienced team.

Documents Required for the USA Visa Procedures

There are forms you need to fill out and mandatory documents to have if you want to travel to the USA. Your US visa application will be negative if even one of these documents is missing. You can choose our Long visa company, which offers you professional service at all preparation stages. If you prefer our visa company, our experts prepare the DS-160 form, the information about the vehicle you will travel, the address of the place you will stay in America, and the contact information. You prepare all your old passports with only 2 pictures, a photocopy of your ID and a valid passport. Choose our Long visa company for US visa procedures, do not leave your business to chance.

The USA Visa Appointment

One of the steps you will take during the approval process of your application is to make an appointment for a US visa. You must be during the visa application if you want to apply visa application. You can make an appointment in the electronic environment from the American Consulate via the online system. It is necessary to complete the application as soon as possible so that you do not experience victimization in the visa acceptance process, which may take longer depending on some situations. It will be easier for your visa procedures to get your appointment as soon as possible.

How to Get America Visa Appointment?

Except for Turkish citizens who must be in the United States for diplomatic missions, all other citizens must obtain a visa to enter the United States. After completing the DS-160 form, which is the first process made during visa procedures, you can make an appointment through the system you have opened. When making an appointment, it will be sufficient to open the DS-160 form. You should not forget the security password that you will create when reopening the form. If you make an appointment first and then try to open the form, your appointment will be cancelled if you forget your password.

As a Long visa, we ensure that the payment is made on your behalf so that your mandatory USA visa application fee is not wasted. We make appointments with the USA Embassy on your behalf. Please contact our Long visa tourism company, as your payment will not be refunded if you experience a disruption in the appointment. Your MRV fee will not be wasted.

What is an America Visa Urgent Appointment?

If your trip to the United States involves an emergency, you can take advantage of the emergency appointment system. You will need to provide reasons for this emergency. You can apply for an expedited visa if your non-emergency travel date is close. You can make your appointment with the necessary documents by specifying the date and reason for your trip. If you are going to apply for an America visa, we answer all your questions as Long Visa. Your transactions will be finished until you prepare your belongings for your trip. To contact us, you can return our contact numbers.

The USA Visa Fee

You can contact us through our contact numbers to get detailed information about the US visa fee and to ask for other details that come to your mind. The fee required for the US visa application varies according to the type of visa to be applied. The United States of America is subject to a visa application for people who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey and will visit this country, regardless of passport.

One of the most difficult visas in the world is the USA visa. In addition, if service will be obtained from a visa company centre, it is not possible to specify a clear figure, since the service fee will also be reflected in the price.

How to Pay the USA Visa Fee?

You must pay the necessary fee for the visa application. You must present the receipt of payment in the application documents. The amount to be paid for the US visa must be deposited into the USA embassy or the USA consulate general accounts at the Turkish Economy Bank. It should be added that there is a visa application fee in the explanation section during the deposit process.

The USA visa procedures are a process that requires maximum precision at every step. The smallest disruption that may occur in this process will result in the rejection of the visa process. You can get service from our company, Long Visa Tourism, which has been providing service in this field for many years, to complete your US visa application without any problems and to get professional support in every matter, you need throughout the process.

Who Is Exempting From The USA Visa?

Most of the countries that request a visa from Turkey limit this practice to people who hold a burgundy colour passport. However, a few countries, including the United States of America, require visas for people who will travel from the Republic of Turkey without discrimination. From this visa application, children under the age of 14, one of whose parents have a visa to the USA, and individuals over the age of 80 are also subject to a visa in the USA visa application. You can contact Long Visa to get more information about the US visa and to get support from our company in your visa procedures.

The USA Visa Petition Sample

The USA visa is the permit that must be applied for by people who want to travel to the United States as a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.

People who want to apply for a visa have to prepare and submit an application petition addressed to the embassy of this country in Ankara or the Consulate General of Istanbul. The petition to be prepared must be prepared using good English.

This is a situation that people who will apply for a US visa often have difficulties. In order to overcome this difficulty, it would be advantageous to get service from a centre that provides professional visa company services. In this way, it is possible to prevent problems that may be encountered in the rest of the process.

How to Write an American Visa Petition Sample?

People who will apply for a US visa can find a sample of an American visa petition and examine it both from different websites and the internet addresses of American diplomatic representations. When writing a petition for a visa, it is of great importance that all issues are fully declared in terms of a positive result of the application.

In the visa petition, it should be clearly stated why the person travelled to the United States in the first place, and care should be taken not to leave any question marks on this issue. In addition, the matters stated in the petition and the information in the documents to be submitted during the application should not conflict with each other.

Another point that must be added to the petition is the notification of the travel expenses and how the expenses that may arise during this period will be financed. If you wish, you can prepare your visa application petition with the help of our Long Visa Tourism company and apply with a strong petition in terms of both language and content.

How long does it take to get an America visa?

How long does it take to get a US visa? While dreaming of America, we all know that it is not easy to get there and we have to get a visa. For you to travel to the United States, your US visa application has a finalization phase.

In How Many Days Will The US Visa Be Issued – What Are the Affecting Factors?

As in many applications, the name similarity can affect the exit date of the US visa. If you are given a yellow envelope after meeting with the consulate, it means that there is either a name or a photographic resemblance. In this case, your file will be reviewed. If you have missing documents during the application, it is one of the most important factors affecting the exit time of your visa. Calling our long visa tourism company and performing all your transactions with us will eliminate this problem you will experience.

The type of visa you choose for your trip in line with your needs may also affect the visa issuance date. The withdrawal of your passport or the fact that you are subject to review as a result of your meeting with the embassy also affects the exit date of your US visa. A light blue envelope and your passport will be returned to you in case of a situation related to administrative action.

Sometimes the densities at the consulate are also among the factors affecting the visa exit date. The USA B1/B2/F1/J1 visas are the most commonly received visas. Since there are many applications for these visas, if you have preferred these visa types, your waiting time will increase due to the density.

How to Find Out the US Visa Result?

As a long visa, we stand by you at every stage of your US visa application. You go to the appointment with our employee for your interview with the consulate. After you meet with the appointment, we receive information from the consulate about the result of your visa. How Many Days Does the US Visa Take? As a result of the approval of your US visa, we deliver your passport to the American Consulate. It is taken from the PTT branch we have specified within a minimum of 3 working days and delivered to you.

There are procedures to be done to speed up and shorten the exit period of the American visa. As Long visa tourism, we do everything that needs to be done in your US visa applications with the greatest care. To save both time and money, you should definitely contact us before applying for a US visa.

How to Make an America Visa Appointment and Fingerprint Processes

People who will apply for a visa through an embassy or consulate must make an appointment for a US visa in advance. It is not possible to provide visa processing without an appointment. Considering the possible problems, the visa application should be made at least one month before the planned travel date. People who are not at the appointment time lose their rights.

Since these people need to make an appointment again, they should pay attention to the appointment time. In addition, people who come to the representative offices on the appointment day are required to leave a fingerprint sample if they have a visa for the first time. Applications without fingerprint samples will be rejected directly.

The documents must be submitted in full at the time of application for the application to be concluded within five working days. Due to the deficiencies in the documents or the additional documents requested, the application approval process is prolonged.

For your visa application to be concluded as quickly as possible, you can get support from our Long Visa Tourism company, and you can complete your US visa application process with our company.

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