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New Zealand Visa

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Located on the other side of the ocean, New Zealand receives a lot of visitors. It attracts the attention of those who want to go to New Zealand with its environment and nature. The number of people who want to go to New Zealand from our country is not small.

Visa application is available to go from Turkey to New Zealand region. The most tiring in this process is the process of preparing documents. Some procedures are needed at embassies and, if necessary, translation services. For this,  you can contact our Long Vize Tourism company.

New Zealand Embassy Visa

Various documents are required for the New Zealand Embassy visa application. These documents vary according to the visa type. You can get a New Zealand visa by following up-to-date documents. The New Zealand visa form must be filled with complete and accurate information. You should research the New Zealand visa fee according to your travel purpose and get visa services from experts in the field.

It is not enough to get a tourist visa or a student visa to go to New Zealand. Before obtaining these visas, your documents must be up-to-date, and the procedures must be followed very well. Old documents pose a problem for visa applicants. The documents required from people who will apply for a New Zealand Embassy visa are as follows.

  • New Zealand visa information form,
  • Copy of identity card,
  • Passport,
  • Population registration sample,
  • Documents showing hotel and flight reservations,
  • Visa request petition,

These documents may differ for employees, government employees, and retirees. If you do not want to encounter problems during the visa process, you should prepare your documents completely and correctly. Missing or incorrect documents can cause problems.

New Zealand Embassy Visa Application Form

The New Zealand visa form is prepared by the New Zealand Consulate. The visa form allows authorized persons to know about visa applicants. The visa form must be filled in completely and accurately. Visa application forms not prepared with incomplete and incorrect information will result in visa refusal. As Long Vize Tourism company, we help you with your visa procedures and guide you in the best way.

We complete your visa procedures completely and without any problems. We make sure you get your visa as soon as possible. Thanks to our Long Vize Tourism company, you can handle the visa procedures of the countries you will travel to without any problems. You can get a visa service from our company to go to New Zealand, the magnificent island of Oceania.

New Zealand Consulate Visa

Everyone who is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and has a passport has to do the visa procedures. People who cannot complete their visa procedures completely cannot obtain a visa. The decision to issue a New Zealand visa depends on the consulate in Ankara. The visa process is an important and one that needs attention. For this, visa applicants must complete the Consular procedures one month before the date they want to go. Your reason for travelling to New Zealand may be for tourist, commercial or educational purposes. A uniform visa is applied, and the travel period is limited to 3 months. Burgundy, green, grey, black or red passport holders must apply for a New Zealand visa. They must have a New Zealand visa for their New Zealand travel.

Appointments must be made from the relevant departments for New Zealand visa procedures. Appointment delays should be taken into account. Professional status and purpose of travel must be stated in the documents requested by the consulate. Applicants at the New Zealand Consulate must provide photocopies of all documents. When obtaining a New Zealand visa from the consulate, you need to choose the visa type well. This step is very important in the documents required for the visa. Correct information should be included to avoid misdirections.

New Zealand Family/Friend Visit Visa

There are a few steps you need to follow for a New Zealand family/friend visit visa. It is possible to go to New Zealand for many purposes. These purposes may include visiting relatives. Firstly, you must fill out the New Zealand visa form and complete the other procedures. In addition, you must receive an invitation from the person you are visiting. This invitation must include:

  • Address and contact information of the visa applicant.
  • Information about the visa applicant’s travel dates and where the accommodation will be.
  • A copy of ID is required if the person sending the invitation is a New Zealand citizen. Proof of residence is required if the person sending the invitation is not a New Zealand citizen.

You can contact us to get your visit visa in a short time without any problems. Our Long Vize Tourism company provides professional service with years of experience. Our company completes the necessary documents for your family/friend visit visa. Then our company takes your visa appointment and delivers your visa documents. Our company follows the visa process meticulously against any problem.

New Zealand Commercial Visa

Those who want to travel to New Zealand for business meetings, business purposes, or going to fairs must apply for a New Zealand commercial visa. They must have a New Zealand commercial visa for their business trip. During your commercial trips to New Zealand, you must present your financial information and some documents related to your income to the Consulate. In addition to the busyness of your business life, visa procedures can take quite a long time. Examining your documents, the interviews you will make as a result of the appointment, and other details may keep you busy. All these evaluations can take 25 days or 45 days. For this reason, while following your studies, you may miss a detail that needs attention in this process.

Our Long Vize Tourism company helps you a lot in this process. Our company takes an active role in the preparation, delivery and evaluation of all documents. While you are busy with your work, our company monitors the process until the delivery of your passport and informs you when necessary.

New Zealand Tourist Visa

If you want to visit New Zealand for tourism purposes, you must apply for a New Zealand tourist visa. They must have a New Zealand tourist visa for their tourist trips. Touristic visits from Turkey continue to New Zealand, which receives visitors from all over the world. So what should you do to go to New Zealand? Firstly, you must apply for a New Zealand Tourist Visa. For this, the first step will be to fill in the visa request document and visa application form. You will then be asked for New Zealand visa documents and paperwork through the embassy. Since visa procedures take some time, you should start your visa applications a few months in advance.

New Zealand Visa Application

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand, the New Zealand Visa Application is handled by the Visa Application Centres. You can apply for a visa through the New Zealand Embassy in Ankara. New Zealand has recently received tourists from almost all countries. For this reason, Türkiye is among the countries subject to visa procedures. If you are going to apply for a visa from Turkey, you can benefit from visa services that will mediate and facilitate this process. Application centres such as Vfs Idata Kosmos Asvisa Bls Tls provide you with limited assistance.

New Zealand Visa Documents

New Zealand visa documents are documents that can vary according to different passports and visa types. Among these documents, some of them are prepared by everyone as a standard, while others differ according to the type of visa that people want to get. Visa types include tourist visas, commercial visas, student visas, family/friend visit visas and much more. You need to prepare your visa documents according to your visa type. Some of the documents included in the visa documents must be prepared in English. Your visa may be refused due to documents not being prepared in English. One of these documents is the petition. In your petition, you must clearly state your visa type and purpose of visit. You must prepare the petition in English.

  • Passport
  • Two Biometric Photos
  • Health Insurance Policy
  • Visa Application Form
  • Visa Application Petition
  • Payroll
  • Copy of identity card
  • Receipt Showing Visa Fee Has Been Paid
  • Hotel and Accommodation Information
  • Round-Trip Flight Information
  • Population Registration Sample
  • Bank Statement

New Zealand Visa Form

The New Zealand visa form is a form that must be filled out by those who will travel to New Zealand. This application form must be filled out online in a computer environment. You must fill in the visa form with complete and correct information. The information on the visa form and the information on the visa petition should not contradict each other. In addition, the signatures on all documents must be the same. The visa form prepared with incorrect information will result in visa refusal. You can contact us for more detailed information about the visa form.

How to Fill out the New Zealand Visa Form?

  • Download the visa application form from the website of our Long Vize Tourism Company.
  • The form must be filled with a blue or black ballpoint pen. The form must be filled with real information in legible writing.
  • This form can also be filled out from the computer. If it is to be filled in from the computer, it should be printed out and signed with a wet signature.
  • The address and contact information on the form must belong to the visa applicant.
  • All information requested in the form must be complete.
  • It should be noted that the places in the sections to be signed are the same as the signature used in other official documents.
  • A biometric photograph is attached to the part of the application form where the photograph will be pasted. Biometric photos must have been taken within the last six months.

New Zealand Visa Procedures

You need to complete various stages for New Zealand visa procedures. Although New Zealand was a country whose name was not heard very often at first, it has recently become a frequently visited country because it is surrounded by oceans. As in all countries of the world, the number of people who want to go here from our country is not very small. New Zealand is among the countries that require a visa for Türkiye. However, if you do not want to be alone in this difficult and troublesome process, you can get help from companies that provide professional visa services.

New Zealand Visa Appointment

The New Zealand visa appointment is part of the visa process. Turkey is among the countries where New Zealand requires a visa. The visa application form and visa petition must be filled in completely. It is also possible that the embassy will request different documents from you before your visit.

How to Apply for a New Zealand Visa / How to Make a Visa Appointment?

You must have a visa before visiting New Zealand. In some cases, you may need to meet with the consulate one-on-one during visa procedures. To complete the fingerprinting process without any problems, you need to make an appointment with the embassy. To get a New Zealand visa appointment, you need to follow some procedures. As you can see, the visa process is tiring and stressful. The best move you can do to get rid of this stress before your trip is to get support from companies that provide visa services. Long Vize Tourism takes these appointments on your behalf and is with you so that you do not experience any difficulties during the interview.

New Zealand Visa Fee

The New Zealand visa fee can be defined as the fee that must be paid at the time of visa application. Since this fee is updated every year, it may change between years. It will not be right to start visa procedures without obtaining current visa fee information. Your New Zealand visa documents must include receipts showing that the visa fee has been paid.

During New Zealand visa procedures, visa applicants must deposit this fee to authorized banks and receive a receipt for the deposited fee. You can learn current visa fee information from our company. Apart from the visa fee, there are some points to be considered while making visa procedures. Among them, the process of preparing documents is a process that requires extreme care.

New Zealand Visa Petition Sample

With the New Zealand visa petition sample, people have the opportunity to better prepare the petition they need to prepare during the visa process. The visa application petition must be prepared in English At the same time, the purpose of travel should be stated in detail in this petition. You can get service from authorized visa companies for the preparation of your New Zealand Visa petition without any problems.

Information to be Written in the Petition

  • Your personal information
  • Your address information
  • Your financial savings (for example, which you need to prove with a bank statement or title deed, etc.)
  • What tourist activities will you carry out (you can write about the cities, museums, parks and activities that you will visit)
  • Your travel information (when will you arrive, when will you go, where will you stay, how much money do you plan to spend, will you meet, etc.)
  • Your passport information (all passports old, new)
  • Personal information of your family members (even if you are not going to go together)
  • Your business information (where you work, what is your annual income, how much is your monthly expenditure)
  • Countries you have visited before (how many times have you been, details of the last two, when you came, how long you stayed, for what purpose)

You must specify all of these.

How to Fill out the New Zealand Visa Petition?

The New Zealand visa petition must be prepared according to the following rules.

  • You can access the printed New Zealand visa petition sample by visiting our website.
  • The petition must be filled in with a blue or black ballpoint pen. The petition must be filled with real information in legible writing.
  • This petition can also be filled out from the computer. If it is to be filled in from the computer, it should be printed out and signed with a wet signature.
  • The petition should clearly state for what purpose you are travelling and for how long you will stay.
  • It is obligatory to guarantee that the expenses incurred during and after the New Zealand visa procedures will be covered by the applicant, and this should be included in the petition.
  • Another point to be considered while writing the petition is that the visa applicant’s commitment to return after the end of the travel period must be clearly stated.
  • The address and contact information in the petition must belong to the visa applicant.

How Many Days Will New Zealand Visa Result Be Announced?

How many days will the New Zealand visa result be announced? It is one of the most frequently asked questions. Although the answer to this question varies between 25 and 30 days, this process may take longer. This may be because you submitted incomplete or incorrect documents during your application. Execution of all visa procedures requires a lot of attention and care. Our Long Vize Tourism company helps you a lot in this process. Our company takes an active role in the preparation, delivery and evaluation of all documents. While you are busy with your work, our company monitors the process until the delivery of your passport and informs you when necessary.

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